Specifically designed as a compact ‘ruggedized’ air conditioning unit for the cooling and heating of a ‘closed loop’ transit case containing customer specific electronic equipment, the MPA-100 is capable of deployment in demanding ambient temperature conditions, as defined in DEF STAN 00-35 climatic categories A1 to C0. The cooling cycle naturally de-humidifies the transit case, preventing moisture build up and moisture damage to the electronic equipment. The closed loop operation eliminated the need for fresh air filtration, reducing the maintenance requirements and the MPA100 utilises a hermitically sealed refrigeration circuit for leak free reliability.

Operationally it is directly coupled to the transit case and creates an internally ‘sealed’ environment between +30˚C to +35˚C, it currently interfaces with an Arges Mitraset 19” transit case, though the modular interface can be adapted to mate with any type as required. Constructed from lightweight aluminium it is man-portable and fully deployable without the need for lifting aids. Utilising an integral intelligent control system that provides visual alarms with ‘blackout’ capability. Temperature set point can be adjusted to suit specific requirements, it can also connect to the Users own data system in order to provide remote indication of operational status and ‘fault’ alarms.

As part of CMCA Integrated Systems range of turn key solutions, the MPA100 interfaces with CMCA diesel power generation system the MPG003-LD to provide a fully deployable HVAC and power platform.



Specification Nominal Dimensions:Width: 430mmHeight: 380mmLength: 545mmWeight: 36kgNominal Cooling: 990W at +55°CNominal Heating: 600WEvaporator Airflow: 200m³/hrRefrigerant: R134aPower Supply: 230Vac, 1 Phase, 50HzOperating conditions: -20°C to +55°C DEF STAN 00-35 A1 to C0RFI/EMC: DEF STAN 59 411Mounting Method: Freestanding

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