The C250-S is a ‘ruggedized’ air conditioning unit designed for climate control for both equipment and operators within rapid deployable shelters, tented systems as well as munitions and aircraft environmental control. The unit can either be trailer mounted for mobility or skid mounted for prolonged static deployment. Supply and return air is delivered through insulated flexible ducting to provide a constant flow of conditioned air as well as filtered ‘fresh-air’ top up ensuring a comfortable, clean operating environment.

The C250-S has two independent refrigeration circuits that provides 2 stages of cooling and each circuit is ‘hermetically’ sealed for ‘leak free’ reliability, there are also 2 stages of electrical heating with integral control system, which maintains an adjustable internal temperature between +18 degrees C and +30 degrees C.

It also has the option of being fitted with an on-board ‘dry powder’ fire suppression system. It is quite simply a ‘connect and forget’ system. Dependent upon the geographical location to be deployed manufacture can be in either ‘Zintec’ coated mild steel, corrosion resistant stainless steel or lightweight aluminium, painted to customer specification. The footprint of the C250-S allows 2 units to fit side by side on an air cargo pallet for logistical ease and the unit can be operated in extreme environments as defined in DEF STAN 00-35 climatic categories A1 to C2. The C250-S requires a 400/460V 3 phase 50/60Hz power supply and has a ‘Pilot Earth Monitoring’ system and can be supplied with a FEPDS type mains connector fitted.

It can be fitted with a ‘latching’ ON/OFF push button for unmanned remote sites for automatic start-up on power reinstatement. The modular design allows for a configurable specification and EMC standards up to Def Stan 59 411 Land Class B.

Specification Nominal Dimensions:Width: 1000mmHeight: 1300mmLength: 2000mmWeight: 750kgNominal Cooling: 25kW at +55°C                         29kW at +35°CNominal Heating: 15kWEvaporator Airflow: 4000m³/hr Refrigerant: R134aPower Supply: 400/460Vac, 3 Phase, 50/60 HzOperating conditions: -46°C to +55°C DEF STAN 00-35 A1 to C2RFI/EMC: DEF STAN 59 411 Mounting Method: Trailer Mounted or Free StandingCBRN Compatible

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