Heavy Duty, Wooden and Reusable Boxes for Military Use

Clip-Lok SimPak

Some products are innovative because they help companies and military organisations reduce costs. Some are innovative because they provide new ways to perform tasks. Others because they incorporate the latest trends in consumer expectations such as being eco-friendly. Some products, however, are innovative because they fulfill all of the above characteristics.

Reusable Wooden Military Boxes

Clip-Lok reusable wooden military boxes are an innovative, cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to transport, store, pack and unpack products. They are reusable flat-packable wooden boxes for companies that need to ship and/or store their products. The idea is simple: companies erect the boxes through an ingenious system of clip locks and hinges, pack their products in the boxes and ship them to their destination.more

Once unpacked, the collapsible wooden boxes can then be flattened, or flat-packed, loaded onto a truck, plane or any other transportation and shipped back to their point of origin for re-use. The fact that they are reusable ensures that whole life cost is minimised.

Heavy Duty, Recyclable Military Boxes

Despite being erected with clips, the Clip-Lok boxes are very strong and sturdy being able to take a 15 tonne compression making them heavy duty, recyclable boxes, perfect for military and commerical usage. Boxes can be stacked without the need for racking. They can be reused on average 100 times.

Collapsible boxes reduce return logistics costs since they take up less space, allowing companies to transport more in a single return shipment. Plus, the environmental aspect of these boxes has won Clip-Lok many new customers who are themselves interested in reducing the negative impact their companies have on the environment. And when they finally do need to be disposed of, Clip-Lok boxes are easy and inexpensive to recycle, therefore the total environmental impact from cradle to grave is very low.

Made to Order Military Boxes

Clip-Lok military boxes do not come in standard sizes; they are made to order according to customer specifications. “The majority of our customers work in automotive, aerospace or defense industries and they all need to ship different products of different shapes and sizes to their customers,” said James Milne. “A standard box is rarely the best solution since too much space is usually wasted. This is why we tailor-make all our boxes,” he adds.

Custom Made Wooden Boxes and Containers

Because Clip-Lok wooden boxes and containers are custom-made, engineers are faced with many design challenges. For one, they have to design a box that has the optimum shape and size with respect to the products to be packaged as well as packing the full box into a container or onto a lorry to maximize the whole loading factor. They also need to design a box that is cost efficient to produce, assemble and flatten and that occupies as little space as possible during return shipment. These design challenges are met thanks to CATIA design.

“Unless we are able to meet these challenges we would not have as strong a competitive edge in our profession as we have today,” said James. “Whereas in the past, we would use complex, time consuming calculations using physical prototypes to come up with the best possible box, we now work in a virtual 3D environment using CATIA. We can make sure that there is little or no wasted space when the products are placed in the box and show this to the customer very early in the design process before even producing the first physical prototype,” he said. In addition, when engineers program the production of the box, the slots and hinges must be in the right position with respect to one another and with respect to the product it will contain.

Once approved, drawings of the prototype are automatically generated in CATIA from the 3D model and the physical prototype of the box is produced. The customer can then test it in real life before ordering the box in series. We are able to be a strong partner in logistics optimisation, at a time when our customers projects are still in the design phase.less


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