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CleanAir Solutions, Inc. is a modular cleanroom company offering turnkey solutions for critical applications facing the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Industries. All of our cleanrooms are engineered to be self-supporting, upgradeable and relocate able structures that meet the exacting standards of the USP-797 guidelines.

CleanAir Solutions, Inc. was formed in 1998 to offer advanced cleanroom design and construction services to end users; Pharmacists and laboratory personnel. Our cleanrooms are distinctively constructed to meet the stringent guidelines of the International Standards Organization.more

We provide pre-engineered solutions for applications ranging from ISO Class 8 (Fed. Std. Class 100K) to ISO Class 3 (Fed Std. Class 1) conditions. Over the past decade, CleanAir has developed into a global resource for contamination control, installing cleanrooms nationwide and worldwide throughout Europe, China, Russia, Mexico and the South East Asian marketplace.

USP 797 Standard Cleanrooms

CleanAir Solutions new MC2  Pharmacy Compounding Cleanroom is a Turn-key Hardwall Modular system meeting ISO Class 8 and  ISO Class 5 requirements for USP797 compliance.  This is a stand-alone solution that is pre-designed for a fast-delivery.  This complete pre-engineered cleanroom differentiates us from other solutions available on the market.

Our MC2 cleanroom speeds up the process by eliminating the need for architectural, engineering and facility integration work.  All of your mechanical, electrical and plumbing needs are built right in.  As a full service cleanroom supply and construction company, we offer advanced solutions for the complex processes of the Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Medical Device Industries.

Laboratory Mini-Environments

CleanAir Solutions laboratory Mini-Environments are designed & engineered to control airborne particles, temperature, humidity and vibration. We offer both custom and standard isolation enclosures serving the Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Medical Device industries.

We are different from companies who offer either off the shelf products or custom installations, we do both. Our goal is to meet your application needs through our expertise in cleanroom design. We build a wide variety of products for isolating critical processes from simplified workstations to state of the art Mini-environments.

Solvent / Acid Hoods

CleanAir Solutions, a leader in building cleanrooms also specializes in, customized and off-the-shelf fume hoods.  Our exhaust and lab fume / solvent / acid hoods can be integrated into each cleanroom module we build.

Clean Air Solutions also offers free-standing exhaust and containment workstations with enclosed chambers to guard against cross-contamination, and protect both the laboratory and its operators against contamination from airborne dust and powder.

Micro Cleaning Solution

CleanAir Solutions offers Micro-Cleaning solutions and services to thoroughly clean and decontaminate your cleanrooms; reducing critical failures in your products and improving your company's R.O.I. We recognize that contamination control is a specialized field, which offers impressive results on improving yields in all types of critical processes. Although cleanrooms are designed to maintain a specific level of cleanliness; poor protocol and cleaning practices can leave your cleanroom in a less than optimal state. Controlling a specific level of cleanliness requires a commitment towards prevention.

HEPA Filter Certification

CleanAir Solutions offers years of experience with Federal and ISO standards and practices. Our state of the art test equipment allows us to offer testing for a wide variety of applications for HEPA filter certification. Our services include airborne particle counts, filter leak scanning, microbial sampling, air change rates, velocity test, pressure differentials, smoke testing, parallelism, PSE challenges and noise and vibration testing. We understand that not everyone is an expert in contamination control and we have developed our reports to be both user-friendly and informative for our customers.

Laboratory Pass Through Cabinets

CleanAir Solutions' laboratory pass through cabinets are designed to minimize traffic and prevent contamination during entry into the cleanroom. Laboratory pass through cabinets allow parts, tools and other objects to be passed to and from the cleanroom without contravention to protocol.

The cabinet acts as an air lock between the cleanroom and the dirty outside environment. They also prevent negative pressure drops from occurring when personnel enter or exit the cleanroom. Our units are fabricated from high pressure laminate over woodcore construction with polypropylene, powder coated steel or stainless steel construction options.

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