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CHS Engineering Services

CHS provide services that assure the integrity and performance of assets within mechanical handling and manufacturing processing systems and associated infrastructure. We can assist you whether you are designing a new system from concept, or simply want to increase the capacity, reliability and lifespan of your existing infrastructure. CHS have enjoyed 30 years of steady growth as an independent service provider and have over 300 man years of accumulated experience. We have a proven history of delivering benefits to our clients; we identify underlying defects and failures in systems before they impact the operation, we reduce operating costs and optimise availability and productivity.more

Remote Monitoring with Foundations Connect

Remote monitoring with Foundations Connect has been proven in reducing downtime and unplanned outages by predicting early warning signs of failure of your critical assets. Powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), Foundations Connect can monitor your assets in real time with capabilities to remotely monitor items such as vibration, temperature and humidity. Running proven analysis techniques in the cloud, automated alert notifications are sent to notify you and your maintenance teams of early warning or failure through the web, SMS and Email. On the go you can review and interact with key assets and drive the decision making process fulfilling an efficient operational approach. Access live feeds from installed Foundations Connect devices through the Foundations Pulse app available in the windows store. Foundations Pulse is our Award Winning App powered by Windows Azure with the IoT which allows our analytical system to deliver access to powerful benchmark, trends and performance data of your assets. Foundations provides clear pre-emptive warning of asset failure, as well as operational assurance when all is well. Messages and data are delivered in real time to the people who need to know. If an asset such as Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) Systems are crucial to the operation of your airport then it makes sense to monitor its performance, knowledge is key to understanding future performance.

Quality Assurance

CHS provide independent Quality Assurance services during all phases of large or small material handling infrastructure projects. Much of this work is to ensure that the standards agreed during the design phase are adhered to during the build and installation phases of the project.

Services include:

  • Installation benchmarking
  • System Testing
    • Review of required Testing Criteria
    • Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs)
    • System Performance Tests
    • Site Acceptance Tests (SATs)
    • System Reliability Tests
    • System Confidence Trials
  • Quality Inspections
  • Performance Analysis
    • Daily analysis of operational issues including downtime and faults
    • Monitoring operator intervention
    • Analysis of SCADA/MIS data to extract operational statistics
    • Root cause analysis of any faults identified

Inspection Test and Audit

CHS has a long history of providing service to retail and office facilities. We assist clients in meeting their statutory safety and compliance obligations whilst keeping maintenance and lifecycle costs in check. Our inspection and audit services have reduced fire incidents by as much as 94%. A safety notice process ensures that issues are speedily highlighted, categorised and resolved.

CHS provides advice and assistance around:

  • Fire Compartmentation
  • Ceiling Voids
  • Emergency Escape Lighting
  • Fire Points
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Signage
  • Fire Suppression Systems in Kitchens
  • Certification

Other CHS Services include:

  • Design Specification
  • HBS Validation
  • HBS Test Baggage
  • Asset Management
  • Condition Monitoring

For more information on CHS services, please view these interactive brochures:

Remote Monitoring Solutions:

CHS Services:

Foundations Connect:

Scope of Services:


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