Radar Equipment and Airport Antenna Systems

CHL Netherlands

CHL Netherlands B.V. specializes in the design and production of a wide range of intelligent radar antenna systems for a range of antenna equipment applications, including surface movement and airport approach radar. CHL recognizes that one of the most vital characteristics of antenna equipment and systems is robust performance, as the ability to operate under extreme weather conditions is vital.

Radar Antenna Equipmentmore

CHL’s radar antenna system developments are industry-proven in airport, military and coastal applications to display durability and a long product life. Some of the radar antenna equipment systems supplied have been in use for over 50 years. So far, over 300 radar antenna systems have been installed worldwide.

Operating since 1947, CHL’s team of radar antenna system experts has channelled its technical expertise into the design and manufacturing of high-performing radar equipment and antenna systems for airport surface movement and approach radar, Vessel Traffic Service systems, Coastal and River Surveillance.

Radar antennas in X-band (9 GHz), S-Band (3 GHz) and KU-band (16 GHz) antennas can be delivered to meet specific client requirements. The radar antenna systems can be connected to every type of transceiver. CHL radar antenna systems are operated at over 300 sites internationally.

Antenna Turning Units

Type ST1, ST2 and ST3 antenna turning units are available to suit individual customer specifications. All units are available in 10 to 60 rpm. Advantages of CHL antenna turning units include a low noise level, reliable performance, low maintenance requirements and rotary joints with a through-going shaft for the direct coupling of the rotary shaft encoder for the antenna bearing measurement. New are the Direct drive antenna turning units offered by CHL. These kinds of turning units do not produce any noise or vibrations and are maintenance-free (no oil).

Airport Radar

Airport Radar Antenna Systems

Antenna Turning Units

The airport radar antenna systems include several optional features, such as a pedestal for platform mounting of the system’s turning unit, a mounting kit to provide corrosion-free mounting of the turning unit or turning unit’s pedestal, integrated lightning protection and preparation for pressurization of the radar antenna. Designed to operate for over 30 years, the airport radar antenna systems display resistance to high winds and optional hurricane resistance.

All components of CHL’s radar antenna systems are fully tested to ensure that the products meet the high quality specifications expected by her customers. Thorough testing and measurement of the components are carried out at several stages of the antenna production. The CHL radar testing process includes a vigorous factory test, with an optional Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to guarantee customer peace of mind.


Several support services are offered with CHL radar antenna systems:

  • Guidance in product installation and care
  • Radar and antenna system consulting
  • The professional overhaul of CHL turning units and radar antennas
  • The installation of radar antenna systems

Airport Radar Antenna Systems

Research and Development

The company has an R&D department for the development of new products and applications and the improvement of existing products. CHL’s research activities are accessible to customers for the development of radar antenna systems, as well as microwave and radar related products and components.less


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