Prepared Microbiological Media, Clean Room Air Sampling Systems

Cherwell Laboratories

Cherwell Laboratories is a UK-based supplier and manufacturer of prepared microbiological media and microbial air samplers for industrial and pharmaceutical applications.  Products manufactured include contact plates, gamma irradiated clean room plates, bags and ampoules of broth, Petri dishes and injection vials.  Cherwellprovide customized solutions for individual companies and manage both large contracts and small, one-off requirements.more

Cherwell’s products are typically used for environmental monitoring programs within clean room manufacturing facilities. The microbial air samplers offer solutions for both hand held applications and fixed sampling as well as compressed air monitoring and Isolator sampling.

Prepared Microbiological Media

Cherwell manufactures its own range of prepared media under the brand name of Redipor.  The extensive range of agar plates and bottled products are specifically aimed at the industrial sector and primarily pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Clean room manufacturing is faced with ever increasing demands for environmental monitoring and Redipor prepared media offers a flexible and reliable supply.

The main product range focuses on gamma irradiated agar plates, both 90mm Petri dishes and contact plates.  The Redipor range of prepared microbiological media is of the highest quality to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical sector.  Cherwell’s manufacturing processes are enhanced to ensure this quality is maintained through every batch supplied.

Microbial Air Samplers - Portable

Cherwell act as the UK distributor for the SAS range of microbial air samplers.  The SAS units are typically hand held, battery powered samplers used for monitoring for airborne bacteria.  Typical applications are within pharmaceutical manufacturing to assist with compliance to the clean room standards.

Air is sampled at a fixed rate and impacted on to the surface of an agar plate.  One of the main advantages of the SAS units is that they use standard consumables.  The high speed SAS Super 180 unit completes the standard one cubic metre sample in under six minutes.  Where high numbers of environmental samples must be completed, the Super 180 microbial air sampler can realise significant time savings.

Clean Room Air Sampling Systems

Cherwell have also developed a fixed point microbial clean room air sampling.  The Multi-SAS system is based on the proven SAS method of environmental monitoring but offers further time savings by removing the need for an operator to run the sample. 

The Multi-SAS system is installed within the pharmaceutical clean room with microbial sampling heads located at key locations, including critical points.  The samplers are controlled from a central control unit which either initiates the sample or gives control to the local operator.  The Multi-SAS microbial air samplers are manufactured in stainless steel for compatibility with standard disinfectants and decontamination gases.


Cherwell Laboratories Ltd7 & 8 Launton Business Centre, Murdock RoadBicester OX26 4XB

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