Airport Hangar Doors

Champion Door

Champion Door supply Airport Hangar Doors suitable for small propellor planes to large scale commercial jets.

The Champion door NK2 double and NK4 Warm models are recommended for airport hangar doors due to the rigid frame and the width / height are not restricted due to the elevating supporting post system.

NK2 Double

The NK2 design has very large exterior doors (max 28 x 25 metres) making it perfect for larger aircraft storage. The 2 ply fold up door has automatic opening and closing available.

NK4 Hangar DoorNK4 Airport Hangar Door

Door leaf thickness 180 mm: maximum. width 16 m, height 20 m
Door leaf thickness 280 mm: maximum. width 28 m, height 25 m

NK4 Warm Hangar Door

The NK4 model (2-ply fold up partition) has additional insulation layers for heat and noise insulation. Thus resulting in a warm value (U) with 280 mm frame strength of 0.72W / (m2 * K).

Door leaf thickness 180 mm: maximum door width 16m, height 20 m
Door leaf thickness 280 mm: maximum door width 28m, height 28 m

NK2 Hangar DoorNK2 Airport Hangar Door

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