Aircraft Hangar Door Installed for VIP hangar at Cannes Airport

Champion Door

The huge hangar at Cannes airport, world renown for its use by movie stars, got doors installed from Finland to complement its design. Champion Door from Nivala Finland manufactured the hangar doors for the airport of the "capital" of the French Riviera. The door which was taken into use in the beginning of December was a NK2 Double in five parts. Total width is an incredible 95 meters and up to 12 meters in height.

Cannes Aircraft Hangar Doors

The door purchased by the Aéroport Côte d´Azur company is for the VIP hangar specifically used by movie stars and other celebrities. In purchasing a door for a hangar of this standard, quality is a very important part. It is not simply a question of the door's technical quality, but that Champion Door was involved in the designing of the building from the beginning, continuing as a natural partner with the installation and later with the maintenance of the doors.

Airport Hangar Doors

The new large hangar at the Cannes airport differs from a regular airport hangar in that the new hangar is built using a wooden frame. This naturally causes the door supplier new requirements. The staff at Champion Door was able to design and manufacture a door package in which the special requirements and demands of the architects and construction engineers were taken into consideration.

Airport Hangar Doors

The airport hangar doors are equipped with complete automation. Opening and closing the doors works with the press of one button. The opening and locking of the mullions between the door sections as well as raising them up are all computer controlled.

The crown jewel of the large door package is the stylish 95-meter Aéroport Côte d´Azur Cannes hangar name. With the high quality print, the company brand and the door are together a great package. The logo designed by the architect and made by Champion Door was quite easy, because the company has many years of good experience in prints made on door surfaces. Most door suppliers were faced with too great a challenge with the printing and could not even give an offer.

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