M1022-A1 Dolly Set Fielded in East Africa

CDK Mobile Systems Inc.

CDK Mobile Systems has supplied UNAMID (African Union - UN Hybrid Operation in Darfur) with M1022-A1 Dolly Sets and Auxiliary C130 Loading Kits for the handling and transport of ISO Containers to various UN and UNAMID operational sites in East Africa.

M1022 A1 Dolly Sets

M1022-A1 Dolly Set

M1022-A1 Dolly Sets and C130 Loading Kits

Demonstration of the equipment and training took place at the UN Entebbe Support Base in Uganda. The M1022-A1 Systems and C130 Kits enhance the UNAMID MOVCON capabilities for air and ground transport of ISO Containers to support peacekeeping operations in the Darfur region of Sudan.

UN personnel from other operations in East Africa were also present to assess the potential for improved ISO container logistics throughout the region. The CDK M1022-A1 dolly set systems were selected for this critical application because of their unique capabilities for both ground transport of ISO Containers and C130 Aircraft loading.

UNAMID Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Operations
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