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CDK Mobile Systems Inc.

CDK Mobile Systems Inc. provides mobility solutions for the handling, transport and aircraft loading of military tactical shelters, ISO containers, radar and communication cabins, and other types of military platforms. CDK also supplies Flatpack modular building systems for military applications.

CDK Mobile Systems manufactures and supports the CLT and M1022-A1 Dolly Set Mobilizer systems for the US Military and foreign military agencies. Today, more than 800 of these mobilizer systems are certified and fielded as standard equipment with U.S. Military Agencies, and used throughout the world. In addition, more than 200 systems are fielded with military agencies in 20 other countries including Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Algeria, and Taiwan.more

Dolly Set Mobilizer: M1022-A1

The M1022-A1 Dolly Set is the only available system for handling, transport and C130 Aircraft loading of 20-ft Tactical ISO Shelters that has been fully tested, certified and type classified by the US military. With its diesel powered hydraulic systems to power all hook-up and lift operations, the M1022-A1 system is capable of handling shelters up to 9,090 KG. The M1022-A1 is capable of highway transport or rough terrain travel, and was US Army certified after 20,000 KM of testing on all types of surfaces. Side Lift capabilities are also available as a optional kit.

CLT Dolly Set

The CLT Dolly Set is a variant of the standard M1022-A1 system configured specifically for foreign military and road use requirements. The latest NATO fielded system is approved for use on all EU Roadways after testing and certification to EU Framework Directive 70/156/EEC (Type Approved as an O4 Trailer). These systems have been approved and fielded with NATO forces in the UK, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and Italy.

To increase system flexibility, the CLT Dolly Set can also be supplied with ACE Adapter frames to mate the dolly set to NATO ACE Type I and Type II shelters.

Changes to the standard system to accommodate local requirements include the addition of fenders and mudguards, different lights and reflectors, latest design ABS brake systems, and the addition of rear under-run protection.

Container Load Trailer (CLT)

The CLT system is a high capacity system capable of handling, transport and aircraft loading of ISO Containers and shelters weighing up 24,000 KG. With its built-in Side Lift capability, the system can also be used for trans-loading of containers at intermodal points.

The system includes self-powered wheels for ease of handling and positioning. CLT systems are in use with many European military agencies and also the US Army, US Navy Seebees and NASA in the USA.

Aircraft Loading Kit: C-130

The C-130 Load Kit is an auxiliary system designed to be used with the M1022-A1 or CLT Dolly Set systems to further enhance C130 aircraft loading.

The C130 Kit is man-portable and is used to save weight or space inside the aircraft, or when all loading equipment needs to be removed from the aircraft prior to flight. The C130 Load Kit is available in single axle (9,090 KG capacity) and dual axle (18,180 KG) capacity variants.

Flatpack Modular Building

As a team member with US Modular Systems in the USA, CDK provides Flatpack Modular Buildings to commercial and military markets for temporary offices and classrooms, military accommodations and dormitories, and other temporary work camps and housing applications. The Flatpack is a steel framed structure with a pre-finished interior and pre-installed electrics, that can be “flattened” down to 66 cm in height, to save on storage and transportation costs.

Four Flatpacks are connected together and shipped as a standard ISO container size, then erected on site to their full 8.5-ft tall height. Because of their steel frame structure and removable, interchangeable wall panels, Flatpack buildings can be created in almost any configuration in a building-block approach, including up to a 3-story building. Flatpacks can be outfitted with bathrooms, kitchens or any other configuration to meet customer requirements.less


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  • Kevin Mulligan

    President of CDK Mobile Systems Contact Expert

    Kevin Mulligan has 30 years of experience with military ground support equipment, 20 years with container handling, transport and aircraft loading systems, and expertise with loading ISO Containers and Shelters onto C130 and other transport aircraft.

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