Perkins X300 Tracked Vehicle Transmission

Caterpillar Defence Products

The X300, fully automatic cross drive four-speed forward, two-speed reverse hydrokinetic transmission is designed for:

  • Tracked Light Armoured Vehicles
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicles
  • Light Tanks
  • Reconnaissance Vehicles in the 20 to 36 tonnes range.

The X300

The X300, manufactured under licence from Allison Transmission, also features a 3-phase torque converter with lock-up clutch, infinitely variable hydrostatic steering, with pivotal turn in neutral and integral service and parking brakes with both mechanical and hydraulic apply.

The X300

The X300 transmission is designed to fit both front or rear drive vehicles, and includes optional output rotation with a simple internal change. A fully electronically controlled X300 transmission will be available from mid-2004.


The British Army's Warrior IFV is equipped with the X300-4B while the Kuwait Army's Desert Warrior IFV is fitted with the X300-6. In both vehicles, the X300 is linked to a Perkins (V8 diesel engine rated at 550bhp (410kW) in a compact powerpack.

The X300 is currently in production for the (V90 IFV, selected by the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swiss armies.

X300  for the V90 IFV


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