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For more than 50 years, CASIO has been successfully engaged in the development, production, and marketing of innovative electronic products. In the consumer goods market, the name CASIO is primarily associated with pocket calculators, G-Shock watches and high-performance digital cameras. However, CASIO has also made an excellent name for itself in the B2B market with its reliable, innovative hardware and tailor-made solutions, and has grown into one of the world's leading suppliers of mobile data collection and data communication systems.more

The Development of Compact, Lightweight HardwareThanks to the expertise accumulated over many years in the development of compact, lightweight, ergonomic and energy-efficient hardware, CASIO is in an excellent position to expand its leading role in the booming mobile computing market.

Mobile Network and Computing Solutions with Digital Handheld Terminals

With its robust CASSIOPEIA Pocket PC line and associated Windows® CE® expertise on the one hand, and its knowledge - derived from the handheld terminal sector of the vertical markets on the other, the business unit Mobile Industrial Solutions is ideally placed in the global marketplace of mobile network and computing solutions. In addition, the company's strategic alliances with leading international partners act as an important catalyst, creating valuable synergistic effects.

CASIO is one of the leading companies of the worldwide electronics market - for example the European headquarter in Norderstedt alone achieves an annual turnover of more than EUR 440 million. Prominent customers are for instance: Deutsche Bahn, Dachser or VW.

Mobile Data and Picture Entry with the DT-X30 and DT-X7

The Casio DT-X30’s integrated camera has an autofocus and rapidly produces sharp 2 megapixel pictures, which it transmits to the SAP system with WLAN. Thus the product quality can be documented easily prior to dispatch.

The employee in outgoing goods is able to photograph erroneous goods or especially labeled products with the Casio terminal. The pictures are immediately attached to the respective documents in the SAP system and thus are immediately available for the employees in order processing. This is how it is documented that high-quality goods leave the company in a flawless condition.

Handheld Scanner Terminals

Deliveries received damaged or incorrect goods can be documented easily during data entry at incoming goods by taking sharp photos of the affected details with the camera integrated in the Casio terminal. The picture data is then sent to the SAP system via WLAN, together with item data and stored there accordingly.

An additional advantage of the MDE system is immediate online booking. Thus the goods can be moved onto production directly if necessary without being stored first.

The use of the Casio terminal reduces the potential sources of errors to almost zero. The employee is advised of the error in case of incorrect movement of goods.

CASIO has made a name for itself in the fields of transportation, retail, railway and airport mobile solutions systems through high-quality, innovative and tried and tested hardware.

Our tailor-made Mobile Credit Card Scanners, Mobile Ticketing Terminals, Airport Baggage Handling Scanners, Handheld Cargo Scanner, Car Park Ticketing Terminals and Aircraft Parts Barcode Scanners enable airports and end users to have direct access to all information at all times offering solutions for a vast number of airport operations.

Mobile Credit Card Terminal for Aircraft Onboard Sales

CASIO’s IT-3100 Mobile Credit Card Terminal can be used for duty free sales on board of planes and can be performed easily, without hardware troubles.

The device runs on Windows® CE® basis and offers with its colour touch screen excellent usability. All credit cards can be read with the integrated magnetic card reader and the optional contact and contact less chip card reader. The memory is big enough to hold sellable items as well as black lists which can be easily updated.

The high quality CMOS imager offers the possibility to scan all popular barcodes. The battery capacity lasts for several long-distance flights without recharging and makes the IT-3100 one of the most reliable industrial devices in the market.

Whether it is the sale of duty free products, meals or drinks the IT-3100 assures a successful on board service.

Handheld Cargo Scanner and Data Collection Devices

Luggage or Cargo handling can either be done with big and costly machines or when the amount of cargo is manageable with our Mobile Handheld Cargo Scanner and data collecting devices.

The smart handgrip style of the CASIO terminals DT-X7 and DT-X30 offers excellent usability for these areas of use.

With Industrial protection classes IP54, IP64 and more they can be used for luggage and cargo handling in dusty and rainy environments. They are working even in temperatures from -20˚ to -50˚. And when they drop from top of a box you simply pick them up and go on working.

Mobile Car Park Ticketing Terminal

Mobile Car Park Ticketing Terminals are quite common in big cities, at fair grounds or airport parking lots: Busy employees with mobile terminals for car park enforcement or ticketing. With Casio’s IT-3100 car park tickets can easily be printed out with the integrated thermo printer and given to the customer. And in case someone parks illegally somewhere on the ground Casio’s DT-X30 can not only document the wrongdoing with a tip on the touch screen but also take a picture as proof with the installed 2 Mega pixel camera.

Aircraft Parts Barcode Scanner - AOG Barcode Scanning Solutions

Our Mobile Aircraft Parts BarcodeScanner CASIO DT-X30 helps to solve Aircraft on Ground situation by scanning the barcode on the broken part with the integrated laser scanner or CMOS imager or make a picture of the broken part in case

it has no barcode to ensure to get the correct part for repairs. Then this information can be send via WLAN or GPRS to the warehouse, where a member of the repair team can easily pick the needed spare part and bring it too the parking position for exchange. This helps to reduce on ground times as in the airline industry AOG situations can mean loss of revenue and annoyed customers. CASIO can help to find the right software partner for this solution – all over the world.

Smartcard, NFC or RFID Reading for Passports Checks or Cargo and Luggage Handling

CASIO mobile data collecting devices are capable of reading RFID tags of different types in epassports or at cargo, luggage or bags. Together with specialized partners complete solutions can be offered for border access control systems, identification, luggage or cargo handling. The RFID readers for DT-X30 or IT-3100 need a minimum of space and guarantee that the ergonomic shape of the device is maintained. The basic functionalities of all devices are kept so that a combination of RFID with barcode reading, digital photography, WWAN or mobile printing is possible. This offers never seen possibilities for all airport employees and can make their daily work even more efficient.

About Casio Europe:

CASIO hardware is synonymous with absolute reliability, durability and availability of the system. It withstands drops to concrete from a height of 1.0 meters, 1.2 meters and, depending on the device, even up to 1.8 meters. Dust- and splash resistance is assured at least according to IP54 standard. Almost all hand held terminals and pocket PCs can operate in a temperature between -10˚ to +50˚ C. This ensures that CASIO mobile terminals are fully capable of meeting the requirements of daily data collecting in rough environments.less


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