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Carleton Technologies, Inc. (on the web at, a Life Support business unit within Cobham plc’s Mission Systems Division, has designed and manufactured high pressure pneumatic components and systems for aerospace and defense industries globally for over 50 years.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing a range of life support and pneumatic control products which are used in commercial aircraft, military aircraft, space, guided weapons, marine products, and package testing. Our products include personal microclimate cooling systems, regulators and reducers, cylinder and valve assemblies, inflation valves, oxygen valves, actuation systems, composite pressure vessels and package testing systems.more

Personal Microclimate Cooling Systems

Carleton’s personal microclimate cooling systems (MCS) are used to provide cooling and mitigate heat stress in elevated temperature or wearing thermally restrictive clothing. The MCSs, which are for air and ground crew alike, avert thermal fatigue as well as extend the duration of missions. Carleton's multi-man MCC

unit includes a high efficiency, vapor cycle, chiller delivering 900-plus watts of cooling capacity to up to five users in ambient temperatures reaching 120 degrees F. Compact and lightweight, the MCSs are currently deployed on Blackhawk, Chinook, and Apache platforms, while testing is underway for the HMMWV, Stryker and Bradley vehicles.

PHANTOM 3,000 psig Parachutist Jump Bottle System

Carleton’s new PHANTOM 3,000 psig Parachutist Jump Bottle System embodies the next generation of parachutist oxygen equipment. Lightweight yet offering 45% more oxygen than an equivalent PHAOS system, its mask and regulator assembly offer breakthrough comfort and performance. In addition, the parachutist experiences greater mobility with the smaller diameter flexible hose, which is compatible with either the PHAOS or the PHANTOM mask. The PHANTOM system is composed of a lightweight carbon-fiber full composite (CFFC) oxygen cylinder with a pressure reducer assembly. The regulator, featuring an oxygen safe monel pressure reducer, puts forth a significantly extended oxygen supply duration.

Passenger Oxygen System for Military and Civilian Applications

The Passenger Oxygen System (POS) supplies 100% oxygen to such end users as commercial aircraft passengers, military paratroopers, and the medical community. With its portable 25 Liter liquid oxygen capacity, distribution system, and regulator, it utilizes a military qualified LOX fill valve and converter to store liquid oxygen before processing it through an integral heat exchanger, and converting it back to gaseous oxygen, which is then available at either regular pressure or lower medical pressure. The system is furnished with NIJ-STD-0108, Level III ballistic protection by way of the ballistic armor on five sides of the system. POS interfaces with Carleton’s Twin 50, PHAOS, and PHANTOM jump bottle systems.

Precision Strike Weapons Actuation

Carleton’s family of actuators provides pneumatic wing and fin deployment for various precision strike weapons systems. The actuators feature cold gas deployment, are more cost effective than comparable electro-mechanical or pyrotechnic systems, and can produce exceptionally repeatable high forces.

The precision strike weapons actuation systems are easily modifiable, decreasing development cost and times. With force margins in excess of 2, deployment rates vary based on design parameters; rate possibilities include single stage, dual stage, or dual rate.

Panel Mounted Oxygen Regulator

CRU-121, Carleton’s panel mounted oxygen regulator, is a positive pressure 100% oxygen regulator designed to supply 0.0-2.0 in. H2O nominal pressure and 3.0-5.0 in. H2O in emergency conditions, up to an altitude ceiling of 40,000 ft. The regulator can be used in liquid or gaseous oxygen, and on-board oxygen generation systems, and can also be converted for night vision compatibility. This regulator will be replacing a majority of panel mounted regulators found on Navy aircraft including the P-3, C-130, V-22, and E-2C.less


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