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Experience, dedication and market knowledge

Since 1969, Cabinplant is a world leader in the development of food processing technology, especially in the fields of processing, weighing/packaging and in the handling of complex raw products. Many of our inventions are now market standards across the international food industry and we continue to create new and innovative solutions as the food market is increasingly automated.more

Built-in knowhow

We base everything we do on our five core values:

• Reliability, because you can trust our word and our expertise• Profitability, because that’s what we deliver to your production• Precision in processing your foods and minimising loss and give-away• Innovation in delivering technology that cracks even the hardest nuts in food processing• Responsibility in taking charge of your projects, so consumers can have confidence in your products

We know how to transform raw products into marketable and profitable end products. What’s more – we understand your business and we comprehend the challenges you face.

Cabinplant Multihead weigher with screw feeding system

A multitude of features, some of which are patented, enable you to weigh and handle sticky and fragile products.

The patented screw feeding system invented by Cabinplant is now creating new standards in the industry, especially in the fresh meat and poultry industry, where the Cabinplant multihead weighing units fitted with screw feeders are capable of handling all the different cuts, normally made from poultry (Fillets, drums, wings, thighs, leg quarters etc.)

Then adding the sensor gates to your solution and you will have a flexible line capable of running “Few piece portions” as well. (3 – 4 pieces/portion at a fixed portion weight.)

Total Packing Solution 

Packing line for fresh meat and poultry.

Cabinplants Total Packing Solution for fresh meat and poultry products. The production line is specially designed for handling both few-piece and large-piece portions. The Total Packing Solution is a 3-in-1 line for flexible portion sizes and multiple types of packaging. For example, three different types of packaging can be handled on the same line. The ergonomic design offers operators the lowest possible lifting and reaching height, thus limiting injury to, and wear and tear on operators and offers the possibility for natural light on the operator area.

Sausage Depositor

From chaos to trays in one automated process.

The Cabinplant Sausage Depositor is a fully automatic solution for alignment of portions of sausages (or similar products) in trays. The depositor is designed to operate together with a multihead weighing machine and must be installed directly above the thermoforming/tray sealing machine. The weighed-out portions fed by the Multihead Weigher are discharged into a horizontally moving transfer trolley. The moving transfer trolley is tailormade and contains the same number of compartments as the number of trays included in one cycle in the thermoforming machine (e.g. 4 trays in 2 rows per cycle = 8 compartments).

Tray Denester

For soft, semi-rigid and hard trays.

The Tray Denester for soft and hard trays is camshaft driven and includes a special head pressure relief system for tray stacks. By means of a sucking disc, the dispenser picks up trays one by one from a magazine placed above and then places them on a conveyor placed underneath for subsequent processing steps. The standard discharge height is 900mm, but this is adjustable. The dispenser has a magazine for 1, 2 or 4 lanes. The format set can, with only a few change parts and no heavy parts, be replaced by another format set for other tray dimensions.

Multi Batcher

Fully automatic weighing and batching of large portions at high speed.

The Cabinplant Multi Batcher is the first batcher based on combinatorial weighing. Compared with other conventional batch systems, our fully automatic Multi Batcher performs accurate high-speed combinatorial weighing and handles large portion sizes, e.g. whole pelagic fish. The Multi Batcher automatically weighs raw material into partial portions, which are then combinatorially selected to make up the optimum batch weight. The principle of combinatorial weighing - known from our successful screw feeding Multihead Weigher - offers higher accuracy.

Multihead Weigher

With vibratory feeding.

Cabinplant Multihead Weighers are designed to meet the increasing demands of precision and speed during the weighing process of difficult products. The traditional Multihead Weigher uses vibration to transfer and distribute products into the weighing pans. The top cone conveys the product to the vibrator chutes by means of vibration. The vibrator chutes vibrate the product into the assembling pans by means of time and amplitude control. The Multihead Weigher can be divided in up to four separate product zones or can be used to make exact mixes of the chosen products.less


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