Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Systems

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Military forces increasingly demand real-time technologies including video transmission and conferencing solutions to maintain superior command, control, communications, computers and intelligence capabilities. Traditional infrastructures for microwave and tactical field radio communications are approaching the limits of their capabilities for achieving the necessary bandwdiths.

Brugg Cables supply a full range of tactical fiber optic cable systems and comunications solutions including:more

  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Cable Deployment Aids
  • Military Communications Systems
  • Lightning / Surge Protection
  • Tactical Communications Training
  • Tactical Communications Maintenance
  • Hybrid Power / Commmunications Cables
  • Ruggedised Ethernet Distributors
  • Modular, Deployable Communications


Tactical Fiber Optic Cables

Tactical fiber optic cables are increasingly required to support the operational requirements of these sophisticated communications technologies. Brugg Cables, in collaboration with military services both in Europe and further afield, is meeting these challenges with novel, cutting-edge cable technologies. For example, the BRUfield tactical cable facilitates faster deployment and expansion of IP network perimeters.

Brugg Cables deliver a full range of fiber optic cables and solutions for civilian and military deployment. The company have developed cables, deployment solutions and attachments for military forces across the globe. Brugg Cables are renowned for delivering outstanding quality cables and client-oriented solutions.

Fiber Optic Cable Designs

Brugg Cables have repeatedly proven themselves with innovative fiber optic cable designs for harsh climates and demanding military environments, such as military power distribution and communications. Pre-assembled cables can be supplied with mil-spec ferrule and lens connectors with a comprehensive range of cable reels for efficent deployment.

Military cable solutions available from Brugg Cables include:

BRUfield smart fiber optic cables provide a rugged dialectric cable solution with low weight and narrow diameter. This means that with an equivalent-sized reel to that used for traditional cable designs, you can supply twice the length of BRUfield cable. Weighing around half the amount of a standard cable, BRUfield can be deployed from a backback without requiring soldiers to struggle under a heavy load. BRUfield also offers outstanding specifications, which outperform traditional dielectric cable designs.

BRUmil is an ultra-thin cable designed for applications in challenging military scenarios. The cable features a rugged stainless steel tube and abrasion-protected polyamide jacket with up to eight optical fibers. The low-diameter cable features excellent tensile strength and exceptional resistance to crushing offering full protection from rodents. The narrower design allows up to twice the length of cable to be threaded onto a reel as can be achieved with a conventional design.

BRUpowermil hybrid power / communications cables offer the mechanical characteristics of BRUmil fiber optic cable designs combined with two coaxial conductors and four fibers for data transmission enabling power and data to be supplied simultaneously under challenging operating conditions. As with the BRUmil cables, BRUpowermil has an effective rodent-proof coating, and offers excellent tensile and compressive strength.

BRUtough tight-buffered non-metallic cables are built for maximum flexibility, with a polyurethane jacket. The rugged cables are ideally suited for frequent, fast deployment for applications in tactical military operations.

Brugg Cables Communications Systems

Mobile communications technologies are critical for international organisations, militaries and peace missions. Brugg Cables supply tailor-made communications systems for integration of hardened networks into commercial off-the-shelf communications infrastructures to support their portfolio of cables and accessories. Brugg Cables specialise in delivering fiber optic cable systems connecting interopterable communications equipment.

Brugg Cables supply a broad range of heavy-duty communications technology designed for a range of roles and environments. The company's interoperable communications systems are built for rapid deployment and reliable, low-maintenance operation. These goals are attained using a series of modular components integrated with rugged shipping containers.

Typically, a deployed communications system would feature a range of data modules for surge protected transmission of data, information processing and storage, air-conditioning technology to safeguard equipment against overheating and a rugged power supply system.

Contact Brugg Cables today for more information on their range of fiber optic power cables power supplies and modular communications equipment.less


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