Polythene/Polyethylene Plastic Film Sheeting, Biodegradable Packaging

Brentwood Plastics Inc.

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. is a 46 year old custom blown film extruder located in suburban St. Louis, Missouri eight miles from the famous St. Louis Arch. We precisely blend a variety of polyethylenes, or “polythenes” then extrude them to achieve characteristics required for your specific application.

We develop new films rapidly with minimum thickness for best economics and environmental responsibility. Our products are consistent after reaching the commercial phase.more

We sell what is known as honest yield. In other words, you pay for the proper “yield”, or area from a specific weight of film. Our “handy math” tab provides all the tools needed to audit a supplier.

All products are FDA, Kosher and California Prop 65 compliant.

Our base resins include low density polyethylene ( LDPE ), linear low density polyethylene ( LLDPE ), medium density polyethylene ( MDPE ), high density polyethylene ( HDPE ), ultra low density polyethylene ( ULDPE ), several metallocenes, polybutylene and 1,2 syndiotactic polybutadiene.

Applications range from the mundane such as film for bags, shrink wrap and barricade tape to the more demanding such as individually quick frozen ( iqf), form/fill/seal (f/f/s), sealant layer for laminations and bulk liquids. We have several films which have passed rigorous biotoxicity protocalls for surgical drapes and other medical uses requiring prolonged and direct contact with human skin.

Polyethylene Layflat Tubing

All our films start out as what is called ‘layflat tubing’, a thin-walled tube that has been flattened, in contrast with thick rigid pipe. Our Polyethylene layflat tubing is best suited to meeting special customer requirements for durability as it has no pinholes and demonstrates a seamless quality.

Brentwood’s development of a pioneering combination of resins to meet individual specifications is conducted to the standards of both FDA and Kosher. Through utilization of smaller quantities of a sturdier plastic, costs can be decreased for customers. The purchase of a poly tubing sealer obviates the requirement for storage of many bags in stock.

Polyethylene Film and Sheeting

We supply polyethylene film and sheeting from the tube, and in addition we can make other put-ups such as gusseted tubing, single or double ply sheet and centerfold.

Our wide range of resins is available both ‘pure’ and blended to meet individual requirements, and we guarantee the use of quality resins recognized as FDA standard.

Sealant Layer

A variety of sealant layers are available for specific lamination end-uses such as form / fill / seal, hot fill and stand-up pouches. All of our customized and typical sealant layers are produced with the final product in mind and are certified to the standards of the FDA and Kosher, meaning that the lowest levels of taste and odour can be transferred from the sealant to the product.

We manufacture packaging films with the capacity to protect against impurities, including those in fluid and dust form. Our sealant layers are manufactured to avoid ‘channel leakers’.

Medical PVC Alternative

Due to the ban of PVC in many nations, we produce medical PVC alternatives to meet the requirements for substitutes posed by the bans. For our medical PVC alternatives we have several films which have passed rigorous biotoxicity protocols for surgical drapes and other medical uses requiring prolonged and direct contact with human skin.

We have the ability to create medical PVC alternatives to the specifications of existing PVC products, and the supply of a special sterilization film can be provided. Our medical PVC alternative films demonstrate a cost effective advantage over PVC, making them a good option for both the business and environment.

Shrink Bundling Film

At Brentwood, we produce shrink bundling films for various packaging applications, including for canned and bottled drinks packaging. A key industrial requirement for our shrink film is for bulk packaging applications. Shrink bundling film demonstrates easiness to stack and the trays can be purchased by their weight, proving cost-effective for the customer.

Our shrink bundling films are targeted for specific machine types and machine direction (MD) / Transverse Direction (TD) ratios. Our shrink bundling films production practice sees the continuous use of the same resins and extrusion processes for guaranteed quality across applications and orders.

Biodegradable Packaging Film

With the addition of a catalyst, all our biodegradable packaging films can be made “oxobiodegradable”. Marketed under the brand name Regresa logo, the polyethylene degrades into small, common molecules after exposure to heat and light. Conforms to standard ASTM D 6954-04.

This environmental technology can be applied to the packaging of current products with no effect on the quality, ensuring that they are biodegradable.less


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