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Brady Corporation

Brady Corporation produce and supply a wide selection of labelling systems for the identification and protection of products and employees. The company retains 250 chemists designing innovative labelling systems for a range of applications, including the development of new sample identification systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

Brady Corporation's equipment service specialists, laboratory key account supervisors and distribution agents across the EU offer expert knowledge and guidance on all issues of labelling, tracking and printing. Full specifications are obtainable from the website with details of extensive testing of Brady labels against relevant laboratory standards and guidelines. The EU laboratories also provide custom testing services to meet individual client requirements. Established in 1914, Brady has over half a million clients in many different sectors, supplying high-spec labels, printing equipment and software. The company is based in Milwaukee and has about 7,000 staff in Europe, the Americas and Asia – Pacific.more

Laboratory Printers

Laboratory label printers from Brady, enable any laboratory whether small or large to make clear, branded, consistent labelling for vials, vial tops, slides, well plates and more. Precise, clearly legible labels help to prevent errors in product identification, protecting patients and reduce the dangers of mislabelling and mistaken patient information or results. 

Whatever you need to identify, Brady printers use high-resolution printing to create graphics, alphanumeric legends and Linear or 2D barcodes, with optimal readability.

Laboratory printers range from hand-held for low volume usage up to larger desktop printers which will handle in excess of 5000 labels per day.

Histology Labels

During the histology process the tissue cassette is confronted with multiple chemicals (aldehydes, alcohols, picrates etc.) Brady’s chemically resistant label has been specifically designed to withstand all these fluids which are used in pathology laboratories.

Brady has developed a total solution that combines B-482 Tissue Cassette Labels and the BSP™31 Label Attachment System, which guarantees the histology label with remain fixed during the whole histology flow of processing, embedding and sectioning.

This unique system assures everyone that their sample identification stays intact throughout the whole process.

Laboratory Barcode System

Printing a unique barcode on every label is easy, but such a barcode makes a huge difference in the everyday life of a lab technician. The data can now be captured automatically (scan), and labels can be printed on demand in whatever volume that’s needed using the already existing information on the cassette, slide or vial etc.

Barcoding samples will give you instant record information saving you time and money and gives you error free identification and eliminates human error. With Brady's laboratory barcode system, your data can be managed securely by implementing systems to track and trace samples throughout all your laboratory processes. less


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