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BoxSmart was created to help businesses solve their branded packaging needs with just a few clicks. We are able to handle small order sizes from as small as 250 up to 10,000+, a month, at subsidised pricing, without sacrificing quality. We use Lithographic printers, not digital, which means the best quality. We ship for free only the required monthly quantities. Although based and born in the UK, we are internationally available, we don’t discriminate :)!more

We were formed to give start-ups, SME’s seamless access to a fundamentally important part of approximately 60% of any businesses activity.  

The SME market has a significant difficulty in acquiring, low quantity, high quality packaging in more than one SKU (type), whilst being affordable. We ventured into the market with these simple requirements. 1. The boxes had to be excellent quality.2. We print on Litho printers like big brands.3. We order as little as 250 boxes a month (based on a 1 year contract)#. We deliver boxes as and when required.

The first problems faced was that the best print quality in lithographic requires a set of plates to be made up for EACH box and thus there was an upfront “tooling” cost. The second problem faced was that, due to the large overhead costs, it would not be viable for printers to produce 500 boxes at a time. Hence why most start up brands are turned away.

In essence we work very much like a phone contract. This type of quantity at this type of quality is not available for SME’s and newly established companies. This type of service is usually reserved and only obtainable by globally established brands. BoxSmart is now making it available to all levels, giving new brands a higher chance of success, to stimulate competition, thus inspiring innovation.

We are also in the process of arranging a series of seminars to guide new businesses through the life cycle of their idea, this is free of charge.

The directors have launched several businesses, across multiple verticals over the past 20 years, with a combined experience of over 40 years. We have formed to give SME’s not only highest quality branded packaging, but to guide them through their journey. With a team of graphic designers, marketing & advertising experts and consultants specialising in your chosen field, we will help in every way possible.




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