Airport Hangar Door Design and Manufacture


Bothe-Hild manufactures a wide range of leading airplane hangar doors, products can be custom designed to meet specific requirements and customer specifications.

Based in Germany, Bothe-Hild delivers specialised hangar doors for many applications, including airports and fire stations. Bothe-Hild products include airplane hangar doors, sectional doors, stacking and sliding doors, folding hangar doors, rolling grilles and steel sandwich panels. Bothe-Hild recognises the importance of working with the correct partner from the beginning of a contract. The company's technicians work closely with architects, foremen and clients to plan the manufacturing, structural engineering and installation skills required to meet specific applications. Bothe-Hild hangar doors are manufactured to deadlines and delivered on time, to specifications. The company's flexible hangar design and proven skills make it the ideal supplier of hangar doors.more

Custom Hangar Doors

The selection of custom hangar doors offered by Bothe-Hild includes hangar door systems for all manner of environments. Custom hangar doors up to 100m wide and 25m in height can be supplied.The hangar doors are custom built using steel or aluminium frames and dimensioned according to requirements. Customers can choose from a selection of custom hangar doors, including glazing, closed fillings and full-faced cladding with steel sandwich panels (with the option of single-window elements). To avoid the additional load of the hall construction the load transfer normally takes place at the bottom (especially for renovation or retrofitting). Customised hangar doors can be manually or electrically operated.

Hangar Door Design

Bothe-Hild's hangar door design includes specialised products with optional design features to suit each customer. Hangar door design includes steel sliding designs and telescope sliding doors up to 100m x 25m. Telescope sliding doors include an integrated or fitted facade structure. Customers can select from a choice of filling materials for their hangar door design, including double-skin sheet or threefold glazing – both of which are recommended for advanced heat insulation. All door guide rails are correctly aligned with the bottom to reach an unproblematic crossing and include drainage systems. The installation of single-leaf personnel doors enables convenient movement.

Hangar Door Systems

The company's selection of hangar door systems includes small hangar, side sectional, folding and sliding doors.

Rolling hangar door systems are manufactured in widths of up to 25m and heights of up to 18m. The huge rolling doors provided consist of cold-rolled, 1.2mm thick aluminium profiles, which are manufactured in our factory in Luckenbach. The aluminium band is rolled over profiling machines and the finished lamellae are then pushed into one another. The profiles have a height of 100mm and a depth of 22mm, and are linked with one another in a waterproof, hinge-like way.

Large Sectional Doors

Bothe-Hild produces sectional hangar doors with a door surface of up to 100m². A broad experience in statics and forward thinking combine for the successful production and installation of large hangar doors. Customers for these specialised doors include those from the wind energy industry and others who require challenging door sizes otherwise unavailable.less

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