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Borum is an experienced global supplier of professional line marking machinery for roads and airports. We design and produce self-propelled marking machines and trucks. We also offer related equipment such as thermoplastic preheaters, jet driers, and erasers for removing lines together with trailer and truck solutions tailored to the customers' requirements and needs.

Customer feedback has helped us better understand the need for reliable and easy-to-use machines for airports and runway line marking.more

Line Marking Machines and Truck Solutions

When it comes to line marking contractors, machinery performance and operator skills are essential for the efficient management of road marking projects. From extreme weather variations to difficult roads and short deadlines, contractors are facing challenges that call for robust and versatile machines. The right equipment makes marking of roads straightforward and helps operators get the most from available working hours

Based on decades of experience within the line marking industry, we have developed different modules to suit individual requirements. Each model offers a variety of operator-friendly features to meet varying capacity and application needs.

All machines are equipped with a slidable drive and operator section that allows for work to be done on both left and right sides. In addition, all Borum machines can be customised to work with cold paint, hot thermoplastic, or two-component cold plastic.

City / Urban Marking of Roads

The design of the Borum City is compact and allows it to maneuver smoothly in city centres. Borum City machines also include hand-guided models, designed for assignments such as parking bays and zebra crossings. 

High-capacity road marking machines for highways

The Borum Master 3000 is designed with flat highway marking in mind. However, this model is also a good solution for major road-making jobs in urban and less hilly areas. Compared with the Borum City, this machine has a higher capacity and offers higher application speeds.

Line marking machines for motorways and large-scale works

The Borum Motorway machine is designed for dealing with large-scale and major line marking projects, for motorways, highways, or major work in urban areas. The larger material capacity means fewer stops for refilling. The double-speed wheel motor allows a driving angle of 30%, making it an excellent choice for hilly areas.

Robust trucks with large paint tanks and fast application speeds

Borum truck solutions are ideal for countries or regions with great distances. Having a robust design, these machines can be equipped with a variety of features, such as tanks containing up to 3,000l of paint, and with application speeds of up to 30km/h.

In addition, the trucks can be designed to work with both cold paint and thermoplastic, or to mark both sides at the same time. 

Efficient High-Capacity Airport Marking Machines

For contractors and airport management, equipment performance and operator expertise is key when it comes to marking airports. With large areas of road to cover, runway marking machines must have large tank capacity and be extremely efficient in order to keep runway closures and downtime to a minimum. 

In accordance to the line width you require, a wide retainer and up to five paint guns and 5 glass bean guns can be mounted. This assures that the application is performed in a single pass and can be up to 125 cm (approx. 49 inch) depending line thickness, work conditions, and application speed.

Borum machines are equipped with a sliding retainer frame as standard that makes handling the application equipment easier and quicker. All machines can be equipped with two material tanks with separate airless pumps, so that multi-colour marking can be carried out simultaneously.


Self-Propelled Line Marking Machines

Although hand-pushed machines are convenient for small-scale projects, they are not efficient for airports. To illustrate the advantages of a self-propelled machine, we have compared the performance of Borum's smallest model, the BM 2000 to a push pram machine on a 9.540m stretch.

BM 2000:

  • Can cover up to 795m at a time, taking six minutes - Total 72min
  • Has to refill tank 11 times, taking 15mi- Total 163min

Overall total time - 237 min

Push pram:

  • Can cover up to 195m at a time, taking 7.8min - Total 382min
  • Has to refill tank 48 times, taking 11min - Total 528min

Overall total time - 920min

Overall, hand-pushed machines take almost four times longer than a Borum City machine to finish the same project. Under tight deadlines, contractors may be under pressure to complete jobs in a timely manner, with a line precision that hand-pushed machines cannot achieve. Self-propelled line marking machines are the better choice for busy airport environments. 

Line Marking Control Systems

A good line marker has to execute a precise application, while keeping control of all marking processes.

This is why we have equipped all Borum machines with the LineMaster computer. This computer gives the operator control of line marking tasks, such as pre-marking, line programming, line application, and reporting.

Having a high-resolution 8in interactive screen, parameter adjustments can be easily done during marking. Furthermore, this makes data easy to read on the screen in either bright sunlight or in the dark.

With the LineMaster Computer you can control up to six paint or spray guns, six bead guns, and equipment with up to 24 shutters from one unit. It is possible to store up to 99 different line types, and to arrange these in up to 30 different marking programs. You are also able to pre-set line widths, types, colours and combinations to have them ready for marking, and can instantly adjust them on the go.less


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    Christina Krogh is Marketing Manager at Borum A/S. She has been working in marketing and sales in the line marking industry for 13 years. As we have specialists in many areas of line marking, Christina will determine the best Borum specialist to contact.

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