Multidetection HTS Microplate Readers

BMG Labtech

BMG LABTECH is dedicated to bringing you high-quality multidetection and specialized microplate readers for all your assay needs.

Omega Series Multidetection Microplate Readers with Full Spectrum UV/Vis Spectrometer

The Omega series is the world's first series of multidetection microplate readers capable of capturing full absorbance spectrum (220 - 850 nm) at a resolution of 1 nm. Fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence and full spectrum UV/Vis absorbance in the FLUOstar Omega provide users with unmatched flexibility and sensitivity. An upgrade to the POLARstar Omega is possible whenever the demand for fluorescence polarization and Simultaneous Dual Emission for highest speed and performance in FRET and BRET assays arises. The POLARstar, FLUOstar and LUMIstar Omega microplate readers are DLReady™ certified from Promega Corporation.more

PHERAstar Plus - HTS Microplate Reader with Simultaneous Dual Emission Detection

Advanced HTRF® / TR-FRET, Advanced Luminescence, and Advanced Fluorescence Polarization reading modes are featured in the new PHERAstar Plus HTS microplate reader with simultaneous dual amission detection. The latest technological advancements in optics and electronics, coupled with the new powerful data analysis software package MARS, extend the application versatility of the PHERAstar Plus.

The PHERAstar Plus is also the only microplate reader on the market with five photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) and Simultaneous Dual Emission (SDE) technology optimized for specific reading modes and the capability to monitor TR-FRET decay curves in real-time for assay optimization. The PHERAstar Plus can read all leading detection technologies including fluorescence intensity / FRET, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence / TR-FRET, laser-based AlphaScreen®, luminescence / BRET, and UV/Vis absorbance in all formats up to 1536. The PHERAstar Plus carries the HTRF® and LanthaScreen certified plus labels.

NOVOstar - Microplate Fluorometer with Liquid Handling

Designed for cell-based assays and more, the NOVOstar microplate fluorometer provides both fluorescence and luminescence measurements, as well as an on-board reagent pipet for transfering reagents from plate to plate or from three reagent stations to the measurement microplate. The NOVOstar also allows you to collect high-resolution data with the multiple kinetic windows when you need it. High performance luminescence provides extraordinary sensitivity in cellular assays.

NEPHELOstar - The World's Only Laser-Based Microplate Nephelometer

The NEPHELOstar laser based microplate nephelometer offers the HTS/ Drug Screening laboratory an easy, low cost, and rapid method for checking the solubility of compounds by measuring forward light scatter in microplates. More applications can be adapted to nephelometry than ever before thanks to preformance and flexibility offered by the NEPHELOstar. Bacterial and fungal growth, drug solubility testing, quantification of macromolecules, quality control, and formation of immunocomplexes; some of the many applications possible with the NEPHELOstar.

Stacker II - Flexible Microplate Handling System

The Stacker II microplate handling system can be attached to the PHERAstar Plus, RUBYstar, and NEPHELOstar as well as the OPTIMA and Omega series of microplate readers to dramatically increase your plate throughput. The Stacker II is a modular attachment that can automatically feed up to 50 plates. With barcode reader capability and its continous load feature, the Stacker II is a practical solution for laboratory automation.

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