Solutions for Complex Hangar Design and Construction

BlueScope Buildings

BlueScope Buildings is a specialist provider of pre-fabricated aircraft hangars, combining engineered building solutions with conventional steel construction.

The company boasts more than 100 years of experience in the industry and has a number of leading brands across the globe, making it the world’s largest engineered building supplier. This global network, alongside 18 manufacturing plants on 4 continents allows BlueScope to provide their products and services to clients across the world.more

BlueScope Buildings’ early involvement with your chosen architect and/or design firm in the planning and design phases can help you maximize efficiencies and improve your payback period.  You can achieve significant efficiencies in three key areas:

  • Timing and Schedules improvement
  • Savings on construction materials
  • Overall project engineering cost savings

Prefabricated Structures and Hangars

The techniques used by BlueScope Buildings lend themselves to a range of projects, from aircraft hangars and maintenance buildings, to warehouses and terminals. 

Structures are designed and manufactured to custom designs, ensuring they accurately meet the needs of each individual customer.

Additionally, overall construction schedules and costs are significantly reduced when working with prefabricated structures. This makes the solutions ideal for those requiring fast turnaround times or multiple projects.

Engineering drawings produced by BlueScope Buildings are compatible with most standard Building Information Modelling software such as Revit® and Tekla®.

Reliable Construction

BlueScope’s prefabricated structures are ideal for the airport industry, in the form of aircraft hangars, maintenance buildings or even additional terminal space. This is supported by the company’s proven reliability in providing long-standing, functioning structures, alongside their ability to supply wider spans and heavier loads.

When you are working with the BlueScope Buildings team, you are assured a quality product. Through its global recognized Butler® brand, they are to provide a consistent building product around the world.  Butler offers the MR-24® standing seam metal roof system. It’s the most specified metal roofing system in the industry.  It adds proven weathertight performance and peace of mind in virtually any commercial or industrial building application.  BlueScope Buildings believes in their work product and brands, and offers warranties that reflect that.

Sustainable Aircraft Hangars

One of the main focuses for BlueScope Buildings is being able to provide reliable, high quality prefabricated structures which are also sustainable. This is often an extremely important consideration for those requiring aircraft hangars as they are operating in an industry with an intense focus on reducing their carbon footprint.

BlueScope Buildings is able to use BIM to reduce the amount of steel used in a building or hangar. As steel is completely recyclable this helps to minimise the impact of the structures on the environment. Bluescope also offer customers a range of sustainable solutions, including day-lighting and insulation for walls/roofs.

LEED Accredited professionals are available to help in developing a sustainable project and four of the 6 six categories actually outlined by LEED for sustainability are attainable with BlueScope.

For more information on how BlueScope Buildings can help you with your structure or aircraft hangar needs, please contact them today.less


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