Laminar Flow Clean Benches, HEPA Filter Test Equipment, Fume Hoods

Bleymehl Reinraumtechnik

Clean room solutions for production and research

Bleymehl Reinraumtechnik – established 1971 – is a manufacturer of clean room solutions for all ranges and demands. Solutions to any problem or application is achieved in collaboration with the clients. The developed solutions and concepts are far from being ephemeral – even 30 year old appliances can be supplied with spare parts in order to assure a normal operation.more

Cleanroom Ventilation Systems

Quality specification

Clean rooms are defined by diverse standards and clean room classes.

Pharmaceutical clean room classes are defined by the number and size of particles per m³ air volume.

The rules and process specifications are the basic priciples for the cleanroom ventilation system design. Additional parameters for instance are number of person using the equipment and the relative humidity needed.

HEPA Filter Test Equipment

For the HEPA filter to operate correctly it is important to maintain a rigid, airtight seating.  This is accomplished using a certified assembly system approved by state officials for operation in nuclear plants

Bleymehl’s laminar flow systems are certified in accordance with GMP / PIC regulations and ISO 14644-1.  FDA approved HEPA filter tests use DOP Aerosols to confirm retention efficiency.  Bleymehl filters have been approved by all food and drug agency inspections.  Our HEPA Filter seating come with a ten year warranty and are tested regularly with our HEPA filter test equipment.

Sterile Product Protection

Our laminar flow equipment provides sterile product protection against airborne contaminants present in the environment, and those released during laboratory procedures

Laminar Flow Clean Zones

Laminar Flow clean Zones Series „FLORA“Appliances with ceiling suspension or floor-mounted, partially mobile (Series „FLORA-KF“)

Laminar Flow Clean Benche

Laminar Flow clean benches Series „ASW“Appliances with vertical or horizontol air flow and partly air recirculation to built air barries.

Carcinogenic Dust Filters / Fume Hoods

Protection of Personnel

Carcinogenic Dust FilterFor protection for personnel and environment from harmful aerosols and microorganisms liberated during work.

Mobile Fume Hood (Series “MLA-U“)To protect your personnel from the risks of working with highly hazardous substances, aerosols, microorganisms, solvent vapours or aromatics with intensive odours liberated during work by safe removal and separation.

Protection of Personnel and Product

Class 2 Safety Cabinet to protect your personnel and product from the risks of working with highly hazardous substances, aerosols, microorganisms, solvent vapours or aromatics with intensive odours liberated during work.

In Class 2 Safety Cabinets(Series “ASW-UP“) air flows vertically through the workspace and carries air-borne particles released during laboratory work to the air intake ports. The entire air is drawn by quietly running radial ventilators and is passed through the return air duct, where it then passes through the fine- or adsorption-filter. The air is then carried into the distribution cabinet and pressed through the HEPA filter. To protect personnel the air outside the cabinet is drawn into the front slot to form an air barrier which isolates the personnel from the work space and prevents the escape of dangerous substances.

The apparatus is GS-tested and approved according to DIN 12 469 Apendix B, C, D, E and F.

Cross Contamination Control

In Weighing Centers (Series „WZU“) air flows vertically through the whole working area and takes all air-borne particles liberated during the working process to the air intake ports. By means of a quietly run-ning radial ventilator the air is passed through a combination of fine filters into the return air duct. It is then carried to the distribution cabinet and pressed through the HEPA filter.

Weighing Centers (Series „WZU“)

  • Sterile product protection
  • Cross Contamination Control.
  • Protection of personnel is is achieved

Other Products and Activities

HEPA Filter test equipment to the Laminar Flow systems Bleymehl Reinraumtechnik offers measuring devices to determin the retention efficiency of HEPA filters („DOP-Test“).

Raw Materials Quality Control with humidity controlled enviroments for testing in standardised enviroment. Solutions from 7% r.H. 22°C to other limits are realised.less


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