CY5500 Low Pressure Equipment


  • Ergonomically designed, high visibility operators cab with climate control and adjustable seat for increased operator safety and comfort
  • Up to 1,858m² per hour of environmentally friendly chemical free cleaning with instant waste water recovery at the Cyclone head without the use of an external vacuum system to eliminate water runoff and pooling
  • Up to 1,476L of water capacity with optional multi stage water recycling system for long run times and water conscious cleaning
Infinitely variable water pressure up to 379bar at 19LPM for a deep long lasting clean to accommodate any hard surface



  • Vacuum free, built-in recovery/recycling with a multi-stage filtration system
  • Chemical free – allows deep impact cleaning with the use of only water and heat
  • Multi-patented Cyclone head provides easy one-pass cleaning for increased efficiency
  • Greatly increased productivity and the ability to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to clean large spaces.



  • A vortex of air and water equivalent to a category 4 cyclone storm is created and controlled from the operator’s seat, allowing maximum results on a variety of surfaces – concrete, asphalt, cobblestone, athletic running tracks and more
  • The cleaning head features 2 high-pressure water nozzles and 8 turbine blades that rotate at high speed. The continuous air movement creates lift that recovers water while removing dirt and debris
  • The swirling vortex of air and waste water further scours the surface – resulting in an exceptionally deep clean in a single pass
  • Waste water is flung by the air movement into a holding tank, where it is then pumped into the water reclaim tank – completing the waste water recovery process without a vacuum system
  • An on-board multi-stage filtration system, standard on the CY5500, cleans and recycles the recovered waste water – extending run-time and further reducing water consumption
  • Cyclone Technology’s non-vacuum design means less maintenance and lower annual fuel cost; resulting in a faster return on investment
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