De-mining Vehicle Hammers and Equipment


BLAS-TIP is a manufacturer of parts (hammers) for demining machines. The company was established in 1967, with over 40 years of experience and tradition. Our main office is based in Slovenia, Jesenice na Dolenjskem. In 2006 the company was certified for ISO 9001-2000 and in 2008 acquired the certificate SIST EN 14399-1:2005 (CE marking) for construction bolt assemblies.

Demining Machine Hammersmore

In 2000 BLAS-TIP started manufacturing parts (hammers) for demining machines. Hammers are sold in numerous european countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. They have been used in Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East.......

BLAS-TIP has been supplying hammers for different demining machines such as the Scanjack3500, Božena 3, 4 and 5, MV, RM-KA and SAMSON. Among the companies we are selling to are Đ.ĐAKOVIĆ, WAY INDUSTRY, Doking, ISTRAŽIVAČ, AVANGARD and VILPO.

Hammers can be custom made on request, but BLAS-TIP is also developing and manufacturing original hammers for the demining machines NT96 and NTL96 (in sets with chains). These hammers are considered a universal substitute for ones specifically designed for a determined soil.

Demining Hammer Types:

  • NT96
  • NTL96
  • BK-D
  • B-4
  • B-KGG-D70
  • B-KGG-D90
  • B-KGG-D120/9
  • VelSca
  • MaSca

BLAS-TIP is producing demining hammers of various shapes and dimensions meeting customer requests. BLAS-TIP have also been developing, testing and manufacturing our own original BLAS-TIP demining hammers like the NT96 and NTL96.

All demining hammers are manufactured with the most modern tools and machines in our specifically designed workshops under strict quality control.

Heavy Demining Vehicle Hammer


NT96 Demining Hammer

NT96 Demining Hammer - this type has been designed for heavy demining machines, in set with chain and it's design is protected at the State Institute for Intellectual Property. It was developed after our own design and technological solutions and has been showing excellent results in practice.

Producing innovative ways of connecting set (hammer-chains) without using pins or screws, enables the uniformity of consumption of both parts, offering best durability and working efficiency. Together with the demining hammer NTL96 that is considered a universal substitute usable on all grounds (soil, stone, rubble, sand and vegetation), replacing special hammers destined only for determed ground.

Light and Medium Demining Vehicle Hammer


The NT96 Heavy Demining Vehicle Hammer

NTL96 Demining Hammer - this demining hammer arised from the NT96 (heavy version) and was designed for light and medium demining machines with reduced power. According to data and results received from staff working on demining machines in real conditions on fields, the best results were obtained with sets using the NT96 and NTL96 hammers.

It was demonstrated that the NT96 and the NTL96 hammers have treated larger surfaces and have been more durable than ones specifically destined for determed ground. By innovative technology and common use, both NT96 and NTL96 hammers significantly reduce costs.

Additional Hammer Models Include:

  • BK-D Demining Hammer - with new design and technological modifications a new striking joint was set up, enabling increased productivity.
  • B-4 Demining Hammer - these hammers are produced for BOŽENA demining machines, machine manufacturer WAY INDUSTRY-Slovakia.
  • VelSca Demining Hammer - firstly manufactured hammers for Scanjack demining machines, manufacturer SCANJACK Sweden.
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