Volumetric Powder Fillers

Kinematics & Controls Corporation’s compact modular powder filling systems have proved to be popular in environments where not only precise material dosing is required, but also in areas where companies seek to make the process more efficient, maximising potential product throughputs.

Powder is picked up by vacuum and compacted to a constant density within a cylindrical fill chamber. It is subsequently dispensed by the application of low-level, positive-pressure air. The use of a pre-defined vacuum force, compressing the powder sample to a uniform/ even density is the key to achieving the high level of repeat dose accuracy. Cumbersome, time-consuming, hand-weighing is thus eliminated.

Target weights are achieved by adjusting the filling chamber. For large scale adjustments, this means changing the tool to one with a larger or smaller bore diameter. For subtle changes within a tool of any given diameter, a micrometer screw is used to simply adjust the effective depth of the fill chamber. Repeat accuracies of ±1% are often attainable.

A wide range of standard gun sizes and filters with various porosities are offered for use with the variety of powders and container sizes which the customer’s process might demand. A custom, 8-up, Micro-Well kit can also be specified, to streamline the filling of 96-cavity well plates.

The benefits associated with these instruments has made them a preferred choice in the following markets:



Powdered inks

Plastic resins

Powdered metals & Ceramic powders

Food and beverage powders



Agricultural products 

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