Sterilising Ovens

These laminar airflow tunnels are designed to continuously and efficiently sterilise and depyrogenate pharmaceutical glass containers in a class 100 environment at up to 350ºC. PLC control offers a simple menu-driven operator interface, with additional software allowing validation to 21CFR11.

The Tunnels comprise of three chambers: the Infeed Chamber, the Sterilising Chamber and the Cooling Chamber.

The Infeed Chamber creates a thermal barrier between the vial washing room and the Sterilising Chamber, to protect the vials from contamination and to pre-heat the vials. Vertical unidirectional HEPA-filtered air blows over the vials. The Infeed Chamber is pressurised compared to the room but less than the Sterilising Chamber. This small pressure drop allows for some hot air to flow from the Sterilising Chamber to the Infeed Chamber for drying and pre-heating of the vials.

The Sterilising Chamber is fully insulated and can be heated up to temperatures of 350ºC (660ºF). The small pressure drop between the sterilising chamber and the cooling chamber causes a counterflow between these sections.

In the Cooling Chamber, one or two cooling coils assist in the cooling of the vials to ambient temperature. Regular tap water or chilled water may be used. The dwell time in the cooling chamber is vial dependent.

PennTech sterilising tunnels are fully compatible with PennTech vial handling solutions and trayloaders and can be integrated into other existing or new installations.


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