Rotary Vial Washers

The RW series of rotary vial washers is designed as an efficient alternative to labour-intensive batch style vial washers from low to high output.

In comparison with in-line and batch washers, the rotary washer design offers minimal operator requirement, minimal footprint, reduced WFI usage, optimized cleanliness and easy connection to infeed and outfeed in a production line.

All RW washers are designed to be simple in operation, self-draining, with no moving parts in the washing area and have minimal maintenance requirements. An easily removed one-piece transparent polycarbonate cover permits easy visual verification of the flow of washing media.

Each vial neck format has its own dedicated set of change parts to optimise cleanliness, with a changeover easily manageable in under 15 minutes. All other changeover requirements, such as outfeed pusher movement and number of indexes per minute, are automatic and under PLC control.

PennTech’s equipment documentation and validation protocols are among the best in the industry. Every machine comes with As-Built 3-D exploded assembly drawings, each with a bill of material. Each machine is provided with material and welding certificates with corresponding isometric drawings and complete operator and maintenance instructions, electrical drawing package, and PLC/HMI programs.

Options include intermittent spraying packages to optimise the quantity of WFI used and minimise running costs.

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