Freezemobile Freeze Dryer

Freezemobile series freeze dryers are designed with flexibility and convenience in mind. A broad selection of options enables multiple users to configure the same system for a wide range of different applications. With an optional shell freezing bath and a wide range of single and multi-tier horizontal “T” type manifolds the Freezemobile can dry multiple flasks simultaneously. Alternatively, drum manifolds with stoppering and rack options enable drying in vial or bulk format. Its simple yet intuitive control system offers a wide range of control features to meet the meets of virtually any application. Vacuum levels, condenser temperature, ambient room temperature and component status are all displayed on a clear LCD display, while alarms warn of any unwanted process deviations.  It can also be connected to a printer or PC for process documentation.

The Freezemobile is ideal for peptide production, small-scale products, and multi-user samples.

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