External Vial Washer

The EVW-Series is the industries’ only external washer to completely encapsulate vial caps with a watertight seal. This allows for increased washing pressures, exposed vial bottoms and worry free production. The EVW-100 is designed to decontaminate the external surface of vials by means of controlled spraying of various fluids. Compressed air is used to dry the vials before discharge. Changeover is tool-less and takes only 5 minutes.

Advantages include:

• High washing efficiency• Highly effective drying• Protection of the seals• Flexible transport system• Short and reliable changeover time• Longer processing time

PennTech’s equipment documentation and validation protocols are among the best in the industry. Every machine comes with As-Built 3-D exploded assembly drawings, each with a bill of materials. Further, each machine is provided with material and welding certificates with corresponding isometric drawings and complete operator and maintenance instructions, electrical drawing package, and PLC/HMI programs.

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