Experts at Biopharma Group

  • World renowned expert in freeze drying, Kevin lectures on freeze drying extensively, as part of our freeze drying training courses and as a regular on the conference circuit, yet remains actively hands in the industry at Biopharma Group in the UK.

  • Richard Lewis

    Sales Manager - Freeze Drying & Process Equipment Contact Expert

    Specialist in freeze drying and process equipment at Biopharma Group who finds the best solution for your project by understanding your needs and project objectives in full

  • Ashley Morgan BSc (Hons)

    Business Development Executive (Avestin Product Specialist) Contact Expert

    With a background in Human Biology, Ashley is a specialist in Avestin products and High Pressure Homogenisation technologies for the pharmaceutical, biotech and fine chemicals industries.

  • Ian Bailey

    Senior Business Development Exectuive (Genevac Product Specialist) Contact Expert

    Expert on the Genevac products range of centrifugal solvent evaporation systems, solvent removal processes and technologies.

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