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Micropress - Quantifying Lyo Cake Robustness

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Traditional methods of assessment of the physical and structural properties of a freeze-dried cake are limited to subjective, qualitative tests that do not necessarily provide evidence of robustness to transport and handling.

Our Solution
Biopharma has developed a quantitative method for determining the robustness (Young’s Modulus) and strength (max stress at failure) of lyophilized cakes. The MicroPress uses a linear actuator to gently compress the cake while a load cell accurately measures the force applied. The resulting stress-strain profile captured by the integrated software is then exportable to Microsoft Excel for further interpretation and analysis.

By performing this analysis, the user can determine how the cake will behave during storage and shipment.

Cake strength can be affected by:

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Key benefits of using MicroPress:

Determine key parameters for cake quality
Easily measure physical properties
In situ analysis – no sample prep required
Shelf mapping
Ensure product quality during storage
Batch QA/QC
Quick analysis time (less than 1 minute)
Identify vials with microcollapse
Quickly compare multiple vials
Determine cakes with a weaker structure which may not stand up to shipping
Ensure product quality to the point of delivery
Batch reproducibility

A graph of Dextran showing elastic properties, compression and decompression.

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