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Biolin Scientific

Biolin Scientific is one of the world's leading manufacturers of instruments for surface and interface analysis in R&D and Quality Control. Over 20 year experience in developing instruments to measure contact angle, dynamic contact angle, surface tension and interfacial tension, monolayer properties, adsorption processes and much more gives you the confidence you need in your results.

Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Impedance Monitoring (QCM Z-500)more

QCM has come a long way since the days of mass monitoring in vacuum applications. The new generation of QCM with impedance monitoring expand the range of accessible systems from rigid thin films, to biologically relevant films of "soft" (viscoelastic) material. The powerful QCM Z-500 is used for biomaterials and biosensor studies, where surface confined biomolecular interactions provide a window on:

  • Dissolution of polymer coatings
  • Cell response to pharmacological substances
  • Molecular interaction of drugs
  • Drug delivery

Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) Devices

Biolin Scientific also supply a range of devices for monolayer study and deposition. Such monomolecular (or monoparticulate) films are useful models of biomembranes, and can shed light on drug-cell membrane interactions. Deposition of biomembranes onto surfaces using Langmuir-Blodgett deposition is a handy method for making biosensors, and allows surface immobilization of for example, membrane proteins.

Brewster Angle Microscopy (BAM 300)

The Brewster Angle Microscope (BAM 300) is used to visualise phase separation in monolayer films. A typical example is in mixed lipid layers, where a rich diversity of 2D structure is the norm. With this device, you can see changes, real time, caused by subphase composition, surface pressure, pH etc.

Interfacial Shear Rheology (ISR 400)

The rheology of monolayers at the air-water or oil-water interface can provide critical insights into the behaviour of interfacial systems, from biomembranes to foam and emulsion formulation. The ISR 400 is the world's most sensitive rheometer for interfacial shear studies - 2 orders of magnitude better than the best rotational device. Interfacial rheology is known to be intimately coupled with emulsion and foam stability, and the ISR 400 provides a perfect analytical tool.

Infrared Characterisation of Floating Monolayers and Thin Films (PM-IRRAS)

By hanging a spectrometer and a detector on a goniometer above the fluid interface, the PMI 550 provides a quick, user friendly and simple method of measuring vibrational IR peaks on floating monolayers and thin films. Compared with similar systems, the PMI 550 is childs play to set up and use, providing you with results within minutes.

Drop Profile Analysis Devices (The CAM Series)

The CAM Series of optical drop profile analysis instruments measure static and dynamic contact angle, surface and interfacial tension. These in turn give you a quick and convenient insight into the wettability, adhesion and free energy of solid surfaces for pharmaceutical applications from research to QC.

Force Based Tensiometers (Sigma Series)

The Sigma Series employs force based surface and interfacial tension measurements for determination of stability in liquid phase systems. An obvious application is in the characterisation of emulsions and foams for pharmaceutical formulations. The instruments are highly versatile and can also be used to assess powder wettability, dynamic contact angles and sedimentation.

Process Control (SV10/100 and OL55/AL20)

The oscillating paddle SV10/100 provides quick and easy determination of viscosity over a very wide viscosity and temperature range, without the need to change probes. It can be used in line or at line. Surface tension can be measured online in industrial processes using the OL-55 drop volume tensiometer, or at line using the AL-20 device. Both of these instruments are designed for ease of use in a process environment.less


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