Biomedical Polymers for use with Medical Devices and Drug Delivery


Biocompatibles specialises in the development and application of advanced biomedical polymers for use with medical devices and in drug delivery. The Company currently draws upon two technology platforms, PC Technology™ and N-fil Technology™.PC Technology is a proprietary portfolio of synthetic polymers containing phosphorylcholine (PC) that are used in a range of medical applications including coronary stents, contact lenses, cardiopulmonary bypass equipment and catheter systems. These innovative polymers enhance the biocompatibility of medical devices, reducing thrombogenicity, inflammatory response and bacterial adhesion and are capable of local drug delivery. PC is zwitterionic and has a high affinity for water, allowing hydrogel systems to be built.more

The PC Technology is licensed to a number of leading medical device manufacturers including CooperVision, Smith and Nephew (Gyrus), Abbott Laboratories and Sorin Biomedica. Biocompatibles is working with Abbott Laboratories on drug eluting stents programmes and one product Dexamet, a dexamethasone loaded coronary stent, has been launched in Europe. A number of other collaborative projects are underway.N-fil Technology is the basis of Bead Block™ products used by interventional radiologists in embolisation therapy, a procedure to block blood flow to tumours and vascular malformations. Biocompatibles is now combining its expertise in drug delivery with the N-fil Technology platform to advance the potential for embolisation therapy in the treatment of cancer. A chemo-embolisation agent comprising a doxorubicin loaded bead has been developed and is in clinical trials for the treatment of liver cancer. Biocompatibles welcomes enquiries from potential collaboration partners looking for value-adding technologies to differentiate their products or for novel systems for drug delivery.less


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