Gaseous Tritium Light Sources and Devices

Betalight B.V

Betalight b.v. is the provider of Trilux Sights and can also supply source betalights to manufacturers of optical equipment such as scopes and night sights for graticule and reticule illumination. Trilux Sights incorporate absolutely reliable Betalights and have a continuous, illuminated service life of 10 years. Rated for operation between -60ºC and +80ºC, the lamps require no on/off switch, contain no moving parts and are maintenance-free.more

When The Sun Sets. . .Trilux.

Aiming a pistol under normal daylight conditions and hitting the target requires minimum effort. But, under low light conditions, standard sights become ineffective. FBI statistics indicate that 80% of officer shooting injuries take place in low-light or no-light conditions. Painting three white dots on the sights offers only marginal improvement. Betalight's solution is to supplement or replace the painted white dots with small self-contained tritium lights that enhance shooter capability under low-light conditions.

Gaseous Tritium Light Sources

Trilux Tritium Sight Illumination offer a handgun sighting system for improved rapid instinctive aiming which requires no transition from day to night use. Day and night, the shooter's aiming reference are three solid dots, identical in appearance and location under all light conditions.

Tritium Light Sources. . .

  • Add no weight
  • Occupy zero space - critical in external design
  • Withstand prolonged immersion in commonly used solvents and cleaning compounds

GTLD Gaseous Tritium Light Devices

Quality and Safety count at Betalight All sights meet strict quality standards before being shipped from our factory; and all processes are performed, controlled, and monitored to demanding quality levels. Betalight's modern design, production, and test facilities, with the most experienced technical staff in the industry are ready to support you. When quality counts, be sure with Betalight.

Betalight offers the finest daytime and low-light sight picture of any illuminated sight on the market. Never before has such quick, accurate aiming been possible with such little effort. Just try it and see.

Betalight b.v. provides Tritium illumination for over 600 Nato stock numbers / weapon systems like Gun sights, mortar sights and aiming point lamps to the leading weapon manufacturers of the world.less


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