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Founded in 1956, Bertin Technologies is a leading developer of innovative systems and technologies for industrial modernisation and military applications. The company has customers in all industries: Environment, Energy, Life sciences, Defence, Aerospace....

Bertin Technologies has been creating Bertin Corp in 2011, the American subsidiary based in Rockville, MD, to fit with the markets needs and growth.

The company offers a broad range of multi-disciplinary capabilities for the Defence and Security sectors, including the development of new technologies and equipment, consultancy services and performance studies. With high profile clients across the industry, including the CEA, DGA, EADS, Thales, Nexter, Safran, DCNS, the full products ranges include:more

  • CBRN systems - chemical detection & biological detection / identification
  • Recognition and Surveillance equipment

Biological and Chemical Detection

Biological and Chemical Detection

Bertin Technologies offers a full range of biological and chemical detection and identification equipment for Civil Security and Armed Forces organisations around the world.

Second Sight® MS: gas detection system

Second Sight® MS gas detection system offers detection and visualisation of gas clouds up to 5 kilometres in order to detect hazardous chemical substances with high sensitivity and efficiency. This provides a real-time warning with a low rate of false positives.

Coriolis® Recon: biological air sampler

Coriolis Recon® is a portable and light biological air sampler for biological agent detection. Dedicated to CBRN Recon teams or first responders, with quick deployment in case of an event with bio-threat suspicion, it has been designed to collect large concentrations of aerosols in the breathable range of 0.5 to 10 µm.

Kim®: in field biological analyser

Kim® is a portable biological analyser for rapid and efficient toxins, viruses and bacteria detection. The system gives soldiers an advance warning of biological hazards in the event of an accident or terrorist assault in only few minutes.

Recognition and Surveillance Equipment

Hovereye EX

Bertin Technologies offers infrared and visible optical sensors for surveillance and area protection. The company can assist in the development of target recognition and surveillance equipment or advise on data compression, interest area retrieval and situational awareness.

Hovereye-Ex: Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with infrared imaging for security applications

The company's range of visual surveillance and identification systems includes rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicles. For example, the HoverEye® EX offers vertical take-off and landing for use in tight spaces. The vehicle supports automatic and semi-automatic flight programming and carries a visible or IR camera for daytime or nighttime surveillance. It is supplied as a complete solution with a ground station for high-level image processing applications.

Vigisight®: Real-time image processing module

Surveillance products include the Vigisight® automatic image processing module. With any day or night camera equipped with analog (PAL/NTSC) or digital (IP) video output, it enables to detect and track fixed or moving targets. It can be used for different applications: surveillance of camps, harbour surroundings, blue and green borders; Reconnaissance patrol vehicle, UAV or UGV...

Suzon®: Unattended ground sensors for surveillance and intelligence gathering

Suzon® is a wireless network of unattended sensor which enables remote surveillance of large-scale zone. It is strongly relevant for green border surveillance and intelligence gathering of tactical information.

Military Systems Development

Bertin Technologies also offers advanced military systems development, services and support. This includes building test beds for a range of equipment and the development of new military technology.

Recent test bed developments have included testing systems for the French Laser Megajoule® integration line and a multi-spectral reference target for testing battlefield obscurers operating over the full spectrum including ultraviolet, visible, infrared, laser and radar wavelengths.

One of Bertin's major system developments was the MESMA submarine propulsion system, which allows submarines to stay underwater for three weeks at a time, compared to just four days previously. Another development project produced precision handling apparatus for ballast.

The company also offers pre-implementation studies and modelling services on a consultancy basis for the security, defence and aerospace sectors.less


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