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With more than 50 years of experience, BERHALTER® die-cutting has become the number one in manufacturing die-cutting machines and high precision punching tools. Our machines could process aluminium, paper, plastic such as polyester etc.

We offer punching tools for all production volumes, from small to large production volumes. All cutting components, for the Swiss-Die ECO™, Swiss-Die PRO™ and Swiss-Die ULTIMATE™ are manufactured on the same production machines with the same accuracy. These dies are capable to die-cut nearly practically all flexible materials.

The punching tool are customized built, specifically for your demands, as yearly volumes to be die-cut, material specifications.

Single row, double row cutting dies, multi-station cutting dies, for example with deep drawing, relief embossing or perforating station, stations for stabilizing rings, or ribbing for better grip properties when peeling – we have extensive experience.


-           Double output

-           Deep-drawing station

-           Relief embossing station

-           Perforating station

-           Pre-cut station

-           Multi-station for additional devices as stabilizing rings, edge cuts, creases, ribs, etc.


This tool type is a favourable die system for low volume orders or qualification runs. This small punching tools can be mount with an adapter into the regular machine.

The cutting components for the Swiss-Die ECO™ are manufactured with the same quality standards as the regular production punching tools. These dies are capable to die-cut nearly all flexible materials. You may have also here multiple station dies as for example a station for a recess, perforation, pre-cut, etc.

The cutting components are made out of high-resistant steel on very precise allowing to cut beside standard materials thinnest and most complex compound materials. The machine concept is the most efficient on the market - you obtain the highest output with single row dies.

Thanks to the large tool area you can even additionally increase the output with double row dies, we call it „double“ output dies.


Berhalter is the major manufacturer of high-performance roll-fed flat-bed die-cutting systems for:


Flat packaging lids out of aluminum

Recessed packaging lids out of aluminum

Flat packaging lids out of plastics



Paper labels

Transparent labels


Lids and labels out of compound materials

Functional packaging with relief embossing, perforation, injection hole, grip tab, break-through-aid, etc.



starting from 13 µ, plane, with

heat-seal-lacquer, laminated

or co-extruded layer



plane or with hot melt,

compound material


plastic - lidding

starting from 36 µ, plane, with

heat-seal-lacquer, laminated

or co-extruded layer


plastic - IML

starting from 40 µ BOPP from

Treofan or transparent material

from Yupo, etc.


The machine concept is the most efficient on the market - you obtain the highest output with single row dies.

Thanks to the large tool area you can even additionally increase the output with double row dies, we call it „double“ output dies.


The machine concept is the strongest built on the market - you are capable to deep draw and die-cut lids.

The machine has enough power to work also with „double“ output dies. Today appr. 95 % of the pet-food lids worldwide are produced on our system.


The machine concept is the most efficient on the market - you are capable to die-cut aluminum down to 12 µ. With new product ideas and tools, we can present to you optimised, creative channels and offer new possibilities and market opportunities.


The machine concept ensures a very high cutting edge quality (free of burs). Additional measures allow to die-cut as low as 40 µ BOPP material (and even lower) without issues. You receive compact counted smooth stacks of labels.


Paper labels e.g. for beer bottle neck labels can be arranged very narrow to reduce the waste as much as possible.

On one project (a chevron label) we could save appr. 50 % of material.


The machine concept is very versatile and ensures power, material savings and a very high cutting edge quality - all you need to die-cut light cardboard labels for ice cones, paper cups, etc.


Different compound specifications can be die-cut with a high accuracy. The required power is available to die-cut also thicker materials.


A long time of gaining experience for the success of our customers. We are the only manufacturer who produces the machine and the punching tools ourselves - one complete solution from a single source - one responsibility. If you need any specific function on your product such as perforation, pre-cuts, recess, relief, etc. - we can do it.


This advanced inspection system analyses precisely the surface of foils and films, thereby detecting a variety of different defects such as rolling flaws, inclusions, scratches, marks, dents, coating flaws and friction lines. The WEBinspect™ is a highly innovative inspection technology and can be integrated in all ongoing BERHALTER machines as a customized system package.

Detection of print defects like missing colours or letters, spots and splashes, register inaccuracies, blurs and streaks


The quality expectations of your customers are rising constantly. To achieve these requirements of the printing and converting industry BERHALTER offers a complete solution package with a state-of-the-art high-resolution inspection system called PRINTinspect™. One important advantage using the BERHALTER PRINTinspect™ system is that the printing machine is no longer exposed to interruptions.

Detection of web/material faults like recurring flaws, inclusions, scratches, wrinkles, missing embossing and pinholes


The BERHALTER production enhancement system WEBslitter™ has been designed to increase the production. The WEBslitter™ will be automatically activated once a BERHALTER inspection system detected faulty material and slits the plane material into narrow stripes for allowing an easy extraction.


Our automatic “in-register” REELsplicer™ reel changer improves the production capacity of Berhalter high-performance die-cutting machines through increased machine utilisation, but also provides more time for quality control and reduces waste. The edge-to-edge splicing unit separates the web with a precise cut and applies the splicing tape without overlapping at the same time.


The BERHALTER PRElaser™ laser technology can be used for various areas of application. One of the target markets is the so-called multipack yoghurt lids, which can now be pre-perforated using the PRElaser™ so that the yoghurt pots can be individually snapped off and separated without the lid being unintentionally removed. PRElaser™ can result in performance and efficiency increases of up to 35%.


The automatic BEAMstack™ is a handling system for counting, separating and optimal handling of die-cut lids and label stacks.

Our BEAMstack™ system separates a precisely counted lid or label stack and places the stack at a predefined position fully automatically. Therefore a perfect customer-specified, automatic packaging solution can be created, which results in significant personnel cost savings and increases production capacity.



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