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Bentel Security is a brand leader in both the intrusion security and fire control markets. The company boasts twenty years’ experience in these areas and is enjoying continued growth and excellent results.

Bentel Security shows itself as a company oriented to customer satisfaction, supporting and enhancing its products to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. Bentel Security offers a wide range of products to provide a high level of security. Functionality and a continuous technological innovation are the basis on which Bentel Security starts its activity every day.more

Starting from intrusion security, Bentel introduces a new line of products to provide solutions for all types of applications. The Kyo Unit, a new way to reinvent control panels. From 4 up to 312 zones to cover both small domestic and commercial applications. Expanding into the fire security industry, Bentel offers a programmable series of conventional and addressable modular control panels to cover the widest type of installations. The FireClass500 is the newest arrival in Bentel family.

The variety of products in addition to control panels includes keypads and other user interfaces, security programming software, alarm communication receivers, mobile phone interfaces, telephone diallers, alarm sirens, smoke detectors, motion detectors, glass-break detectors, analogue sensors, addressable devices, call points, power supplies, accessories and batteries.

Intrusion Control Panel

Bentel introduces a complete line of intrusion control panels: KyoUnit an innovative concept in control panels thanks to its design and functionality. From 4 to 32 zones to cover the largest number of applications. Every control panel belonging to this family shares the same method of programming and installation in addition to having specific features by models.

KYO32 is a hybrid control panel with 8 independent partitions, with stay/away control, all its peripherals can be connected to the 4-wire serial bus.

KYO16D is the answer for market segments that require an ultra-economical solution for monitoring system. It has 16 zones fully-programmable and up to 4 LED or LCD keypads.

KYO8W and KYO4 are the smallest panels of the family, the KYOW supports 8 zones and the KYO4 targeted for small domestic or retail installations.

In addition to KyoUnit, Bentel Security offers KYO320, its largest system.

KYO320 has 8 zones on-board expandable to 344 by means of 32 programmable expander modules with 6 inputs or outputs per module, 32 LCD keypads with 2 zones per keypad, 16 LED keypads with 1 zone per keypad and two wireless receivers for 64 wireless inputs.

GSM Dialer

BGSM-G GPRS/GSM dialer is the best solution for secure wireless communication to any security system. It has the ability to send sms to 8 telephone numbers to communicate a change in the state of the 4 ports in case of faults. It can switch automatically to GSM network in the event of PSTN trouble. Additionally, it provides advanced communication features through the GPRS network and can be used in numerous telematic applications.

BGSM-A is the state of the art for the integration between security systems and GSM communication. The BGSM-A interface facility allows ordinary two-wire PSTN telephones to switch to the GSM network in the event of PSTN trouble (line down). To manage voice messages there is the optional NC2/VOX.

Wireless Detectors

Bentel manufactures wireless infra-red perimeter barriers. Dedicated to residential and light retail applications, the AMB wireless barrier series are perfect for short range perimeter protection such as doors, windows, garages and for the monitoring of corridors and terraces. The AMB barriers have a range of 7m in indoor installation and 5m in outdoor installation.

The possibility of customizing the length of the aluminium truck to the dimensions of the openings, adding supplementary rays and selecting the position, make the AMB barriers versatile and adaptable to suit the requirements of each installation. Battery powered and wireless communication protocols permit easy installation without additional cabling, also an excellent solution for retrofit market.

Compatible with Bentel’s KYO intrusion panels via VRX32-433 and Vector/RX8 receivers. The AMB barriers communicate alarms, signal status and diagnostic messages such as low battery or tamper.

Other devices:

  • AMD20: Wireless pet-immune PIR detector
  • AMC30: Wireless door/windows magnetic contact with auxiliary input for roller blind
  • ASD20: Wireless smoke detector

Intrusion Keypad

ALISON-S is the most popular Bentel LCD keypad. It has a smart low profile design with a small footprint, 3 signal LED’s and 1 input zone. ALISON-DVP similarly offers 4 signal LED’s and 1 input zone, and built in proximity reader. Both ALISON-S and ALISON DVP are compatible with KYO expandable control panel series. There are also other models in this family: ALISON 8L, ALISON 32LP All the Bentel keypads have an optimal tamper protection.

Fire Control Panel

The new FireClass500 is a completely programmable series of addressable, modular control panels which meet the EN54 standard and which are suitable for medium to large fire alarm installations.

Each loop supports up to 250 FireClass Digital Loop addresses where detectors and devices can be mixed and matched in any combination. In addition, each control panel offers one conventional zone for maximum flexibility. Network up to 7 FireClass500 control panels via the onboard RS485 bus for maximum expandability needed in larger installations.

Each output can be associated up to 4 zones and/or to 3 inputs on the loop for selected intervention during alarm (location signalling, closing of fire barrier doors). Configuration programming and management of the FC500 is made simple with the FireClass Console Software or the multilanguage alphanumeric keypad and the large backlit LCD.

Photo and Heat Detectors

FC400 series detectors offer an extremely robust and reliable, fully sealed construction, which has undergone stringent environmental testing. All electrical contacts are moulded into the plastic to eliminate any movement. The detectors are constructed from hardwearing fire-resistant FR110 plastic. The multi-sensor detectors are environmentally friendly and use no radioactive parts.

All FC400 Series detectors are supplied with integral dust covers as part of the packaging. Dust covers are retained throughout installation and removed at commissioning time. The unique design of the FC400PH and FC400P optical chamber provides immunity to thrips and other small insects without the need for a metal gauze.

FC400PH: The FC400PH is a state-of-the-art combination smoke and heat detector which enables a full set of detection modes to be implemented in the FC500 detection panel to suit most smoke and heat detection applications.

FC400P: The FC400P is a sophisticated photo optical smoke detector, which provides economical fire detection coverage. High, normal or low sensitivity can be set in accordance with EN54.

FC400H: The FC400H is a flexible cost-effective addressable heat detector with all the features of FC400 detectors. The FC400H communicates the temperature to the FireClass detection panel, which allows for various detection modes to be implemented. The FC400H uses a high quality thermistor with very low thermal mass. This allows the detectors to provide fast, accurate temperature detection as well as heat detection.less


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