Ultrasonic Shaker and Baths, Pharmaceutical Cleaning Agents


Based in Berlin, BANDELIN are specialist providers of ultrasound technology, with over 60 years of experience in the industry.  The company offer a wide selection of ultrasonic devices and cleaning agents for a range of maintenance, pharmaceutical, dental and industrial applications.  Our motivated staff, modern production lines and detailed manufacturing experience ensure all our products are made to the highest quality.more

Ultrasonic Shaker and Baths

BANDELIN supply ultrasonic shakers and baths for cleaning and disinfection of laboratory glassware, degassing of food and liquid samples, extraction of chemicals, and sample preparation.  A range of flat ultrasonic baths are available under the brand name SONOREX, along with an automatic ultrasonic pipette washer.  The company also supply stainless steel flask holders for suspension of flasks and glassware in the ultrasonic bath.  The SONOSHAKE ultrasonic shaker assists in sample preparation for environmental, foodstuff analysis and diagnostic use.

Pharmaceutical Cleaning Agents

BANDELIN offer pharmaceutical cleaning agents for use either independently or in their ultrasonic baths, for cleaning a broad set of materials from steel to glass and plastics.  The comprehensive catalog of cleaning agents allows users to select the prefect agent for each material and contaminant.   Applications include the cleaning and disinfection of medical, surgical and dental instruments as well as laboratory instruments and glassware.

Sonochemistry Equipment

BANDELIN's range of sonoreactors and sonochemistry equipment includes both vortex reactors and SONOBLOC® tube reactors.  Vortex reactors are effective for accelerating chemical reactions, for degassing of and photographic reactions and for homogenisation of emulsions (such as during ink production).

Tube reactors can be used to support industrial cleaning, degassing and disintegration processes,  dispesrion of solids into liquids during medicine manufacturing and acceleration of organic decomposition.  Both types of sonoreactors can also be used for degassing of aqueaus solutions and to support the disinfection of water.

BANDELIN: The Ultrasound Company

BANDELIN are are a leading ultrasound company specialising in medical therapy, cleaning and homogenisation applications.  Major product grous include SONOREX reactors and cleaning technology, SONOPULS homogenisers, TICKOPUR and STAMMOPUR disinfectants and cleaning products, as well as ultraPuls systems for ultrasonic therapy and SONOMIC® for cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments.  Other products include SONOSHAKE shaking baths, BactoSonic® for microbial analysis of infected implants and SONOCOOL, a self-cooled ultrasonic device for use in analysis and pathology-based applications.less


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