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The baggage service company bagport continues to develop its lost property services. Being the Swedish market leader bagport operates at airports, train stations, bus terminals and within all sectors of public transport.

Lost Property OfficeLost property handed in

Lost Property Services:

Using its unique web-based system bagport offers a user friendly software program that aids the passenger in getting back his lost property as soon as possible and that covers all the details related to found items: receiving, registering, storage, delivery and (if appropriate) auction. All details are electronically captured, which enables printed receipts and bar coded labels for tagging each item, as well as statistical analyses and a “snapshot” overview of stored items for management overview.

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This system connects finders and owners of lost items and it helps secure passengers belongings. Airport Operators enhance their efficiency and transparency running a lost property service managed by bagport and they increase their customer service level by starting to use

Airport Lost PropertyCollecting Lost Property

bagport offers a range of service products, systems and solutions for airport passengers that enhance customer satisfaction with excellent services to create a “feel good factor” in air travel.

bagport's concept combines professional expertise and international experience. For bagport customers, the result is a comprehensive product and service package, custom-made solutions for facilities in world-wide locations for all areas of terminal baggage service management.

bagport lost property deliveryLost property storage

In an increasing environment of competition airports need to reduce cost and generate higher income. With the bagport system Airports either reduce costs or even turn costs into profits. bagport offers a complete passenger service range without capital expenditure for its partners as the bagport idea entails offering all solutions under a concession model.

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