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Luggage Storage Services

bagport provide luggage storage facilities and services where passengers can drop their luggage whilst at the airport giving passengers the freedom to dine or shop in the terminal (depending on the airport's regulations).

Luggage Storage Facility

Airports that have a bagport luggage storage facility stand to create extra revenue and improved client experience within the terminal or airport. bagport would come to arrangement with the airport where by the airport would profit from the service being installed.

Passengers would have a more enjoyable / pleasurable experience in the airport as they will not need to carry, drag and look after their baggage for hours at a time. Giving passengers more time and freedom to browse and spend money at other outlets and service points.

Luggage Storage Facility

The bagport team would provide a quick, polite and courteous service so airport standards would be upheld or improved. The baggage storage facility would be run using tailor made IT solutions giving a cost effective and efficient service for your airport or transport hub.

Luggage StorageBaggage Storage Facility and Service

Additional services and revenue could be generated by combining the luggage storage area with:

  • Wardrobe
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Baggage Wrapping

The friendly and responsive team will be glad to share the many years of baggage handling experience and customer service.

Get in touch with bagport today to enquire about their luggage storage facility service, send your details and message using the contact supplier button below. 

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