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Wrapping protects baggage from scratches and contact with liquids.

Travel time of passengers is precious, but also are their personal belongings. In less than 30 seconds the baggage is protected and guaranteed.

The workstations are positioned in the departure areas, close to the entrances, near check-in counters, and are clearly marked, with characteristic colours and a technologically innovative design.

Baggage Wrapping WorkstationsBaggage Protection

Baggage Wrapping Service

With the most up to date marketing and customer- care logic, the baggage wrapping service enhances the status of the airport.The bags are placed on dedicated machinery with an intriguing, captivating design, wrapping them with a strong protective and resistant film.

The service related to the protection and security of baggage is one that is increasingly appreciated and important, reducing the fear of losing one‘s bags, or of damage, via a number of different workstations, with-out queuing.

The passenger is greeted with professional courtesy, by trained and chosen staff, in the pursuit of highest customer satisfaction. Our company mission is to satisfy our customers offering them the opportunity to fly peacefully.

Baggage Wrapping ServiceBaggage Wrapping Equipment

Advantages and Features

  • Successful tested system around the world
  • Protects baggage from scratches and contact with liquids
  • The risk of theft and misuse for smuggling during the journey is reduced
  • Protects and holds baggage straps in place
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