Airport Baggage Cart Management

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The bagport Group provides an efficient baggage cart management service for airports and public transport hubs. Using experienced logistics teams bagport can run your baggage cart management operation smoothly.

Even in the most challenging situations, where flight schedules might change or construction projects are on-going bagport can provide a leading baggage cart service. Using IT-based shift plans and schedules gives flexibility, optimising the efficient use of carts and staff on duty.

Baggage Cart ManagementAirport Baggage Cart Management

Experienced Service Associates collect and transport carts from high return areas to high rental areas. This ensures that carts are always available to passengers, providing a courteous service. If wanted by the airport, the installation and use of a trolley payment system is possible - a concept to gain revenues. All equipment is high-quality and long-lasting.

bagport baggage cartsAirport Baggage Carts

Different Baggage Cart Management Systems

There are basically three types of Baggage Cart Management Service available. Each of these systems has their own advantages depending on what the airport wants. Whether it is a high service level for the passenger or an opportunity to generate additional income, the airports can chose between:

1. Free system (carts are available at no charge)
2. Cart rental system "Refund" (the passenger inserts money in a Cart Management Unit to release a cart. When returning the cart to any unit the passenger receives money back)
3. Cart rental system "Non-refundable" (the passenger inserts money in a Cart Management Unit to release a cart. No return of money.)

Baggage Cart Depot Payment SystemBaggage Cart Depot

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