Extraction-Free Immunoassay Kits, Software

Bachem UK Ltd

Bachem UK and our sister company Peninsula Laboratories LLC provide high quality products for research use and our office in St Helens is the European Centre of Excellence for the immunology range, including radio and enzyme immunoassay kits, antisera and catalogue and custom labelled peptides, and are responsible for distribution throughout the UK and Europe. Our US subsidiary has over 40 years experience and expertise in this field and we are continually introducing new products onto the market. As a progressive company, we strive to maintain a high standard of service and a comprehensive listing to assist you in tomorrow’s discoveries.more

Immunohistochemistry Supplies

Bachem produce a range of immunohistochemistry supplies including immunohistochemistry staining kits and antibodies for use with IHC and our catalogue contains images of several IHC stains on various tissues.

The kit uses a primary antibody, titrated for optimal kit performance, which reacts with tissue or cell peptides and is subsequently detected by a secondary biotinylated antibody and labelled streptavidin. The sensitivity of the kit, due to the use of horseradish peroxidase conjugated directly to streptavidin, is more than that of PAP. It’s convenience outweighs that of ABC systems. A maximum of 150 slides can be run with the reagents as supplied in each kit.  

Immunoassay Software

A Tool for Immunoassay Calculations & Curve Fitting

In order to facilitate your immuno assay calculations and data processing without a need to purchase expensive computer software, we have developed Excel-based programs for general S-shape curve fitting, EIA & RIA assay calculations, receptor binding calculations and more. We will be happy to send this interactive program free of charge. To request a copy of our immunoassay software, or for more information, please contact Bachem UK.

Peptide Labelling

125-Iodine isotope: Labeled peptides may be used for RIA or receptor-binding assays.

Peptides can be iodinated via Iodogen, Chloramine-T or Bolton-Hunter methods. Following iodination, tracers are purified either through a G-10 column or by HPLC. Labelled peptides are supplied either in solution or lyophilised.

Biotinylation: Peptide Labelling may be used for EIA/ELISA or staining purposes. Biotinylation is done through coupling.

Note: Peptide(s) not included; peptide purity must be 95% or higher

Extraction-Free Immunoassay Kits

Proteins present in serum and plasma may interfere with assays which necessitates the use of extraction. This can be problematic when only a small amount of sample is available and adds extra expense. Bachem/PLI supply extraction-free immunoassay kits for some of our RIA and EIA formats. These allow the use of human or rat serum or plasma samples without having to extract, therefore saving time and money. The kits use charcoal stripped plasma.  It should be noted though that these kits may not be as sensitive as regular kits.less


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