Display Imaging Technology and Advanced Simulation

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Typical freeform applications are airborne vehicle sensor windows, wind tunnel metrology optics, projection lens displays and systems such as BMW’s new heads-up displays, large back projection televisions, illumination applications of white LEDs, lens arrays and ruled surfaces. The overall result is a better optical performance for your systems due to fewer components and optical surfaces thereby reducing costs for components and system assembly.more

We cater to customers who need to have a reliable and cost effective solution for their medium and high volume production plastic optic requirements. We now offer a One Stop Shop from Optical Design to Injection Molding, Thin Film Coatings, Assembly, Testing of Plastic Components and Assemblies. We offer various cost saving solutions to meet our customers’ needs and can often save money by integration of components within assemblies.

Display Imaging Technology

The use of plastic optics continues to grow in popularity as B-Con’s optical design engineers develop the many ways these components can manage light. One area where plastic optics is rapidly expanding is Display Systems for many demanding applications.

As an example of Injection-Molded Plastic Optics, B-Con designed, developed and manufactures the advanced lens system for the Imaging Display of the Global Imagination® Magic Planet. B-Con’s projection lens system for spherical format projection allowed Global Imagination® (Los Gatos, California) to meet the requirements of this new and growing market. Global makes the Magic Planet® digital video globe - the digital display with a sphere-shaped screen. B-Con’s design capabilities are not limited to conventional display shapes and a variety of new displays are envisaged.

Advanced Simulation Displays

Other potential applications for B-Con’s Display Imaging lens systems can be found in the simulation domain,whether it is a 180º panoramic display for flight simulators, or smaller zone displays for particular training needs. This type of display is of most importance when training involves the use of peripheral vision.

Space Optics Projects

A current B-Con space related project for MDA and the Canadian Space Agency is the manufacture, assembly, and test of the Mersenne telescope for NASA's Phoenix Project: Mars Explorer Mission. Phoenix landed on Mars in May 2008 with several instruments on board to study the history of water on the planet in all its phases.less


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