Axxon Next Video Management System


AxxonSoft launches an updated version of its Axxon Next video management system, commemorates its 10th birthday and offers a product giveaway.

AxxonSoft at ISC West 2013

AxxonSoft appears at ISC West 2013 in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 12th of April.  ISC West is one of the security industry's most high profile trade show events, attracting visitors from across the industry from manufacturers to distributors, integration and installation specialists, and end-users.

AxxonSoft appears at stand 39003, where they will be pleased to celebrate with their friends, customers and partners.  Over the last decade, AxxonSoft have expanded rapidly and consistently, and has gained an outstanding client base with a 60% share of the domestic market.  

Axxonsoft has 34 offices worldwide with more than 300 experienced specialists.  AxxonSoft physical security information management software and video management systems power more than eighty Safe City surveillance projects, and multiple seaport and airport security installations.  Axxonsoft offer specialist security solutions for gas stations, retailers, banks, and large enterprises across the globe.

The company's  success has been enabled by close partnerships with leading suppliers of security hardware.  It is therefore unsurprising that leading partners such as Sony, Bosch, Arecont Vision, Pelco, Lilin Vision, Axis, 3S, Brickcom and Dahua Technologies will be celebrating with them.  

AxxonSoft will be collaborating with its partners to give away an amazing prize to one winner.  The winner will receive a pre-built surveillance system featuring AxxonSoft software and partner's IP cameras.

AxxonNext Video Management System

Axxon Next VMS

AxxonSoft will be launching its latest AxxonNext video management system at ISC West 2013.  The new software enables the management of scalable VMS solutions at all complexity levels.  Additional features have been introduced to further enhance the performance of surveillance systems using Axxon Next

The software includes a three-dimensional interactive map with immersion mode. This features a semi-transparent video overlay with objects aligned with their representations in the blueprints. Immersion mode offers support for both fish-eye and box cameras for interactive monitoring, allowing users to see how movement of objects in the frame relates to the positioning of the object in reality.

Cameras can be arranged in any size or configuration and viewing panes can accommodate videos of all aspect ratios. This enables users to view panoramic images from dewarping of fisheye cameras. Dewarping of the image is carried out on the graphics card, so any sensible number of fisheye cameras can be displayed on one screen without needing too much processing time time from the client computer. The system also supports image data from ImmerVision panomorphic lenses.

The latest edition of Axxon Next also offers Autozoom, for automatically following and digitally zooming in on moving objects. This is particularly effective for use with ePTZ cameras. Another addition to Axxon Next 3.1, Green Stream technology, allows the system to automatically select the camera feed that provides the best match for the current camera window. This reduces CPU load and bandwidth demand.

As for previous events, the company will be showcasing AxxonNext together with their popular POS Intellect and Auto Intellect solutions. AxxonSoft will be pleased to greet its partners and friends at the event. Visit the stand for more information on AxxonSoft's exiting range of surveillance management solutions.

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