Axxon Next iOS Client 2.0.1


AxxonSoft releases an updated client app for its free video management software. Version 2.01 of the Axxon Next client application runs on iOS-based mobile devices and enables video surveillance monitoring and remote access control via the Axxon Next video management system along with integrated security installations running AxxonSoft's Intellect physical security information management system.  The new client application also introduces new features for managing Intellect-based security.

AxxonNext Client App

The AxxonNext client app introduces full duplex monitoring so users can see and hear footage from the protected area. The new app also offers voice alerts, which can be broadcast using loudspeakers linked to the IP cameras. This allows the client app's operators to inspect the site via their mobile device and issue verbal commands to personnel at a central security monitoring station. This facility offers significant savings for large and geographically distributed facilities.

Axxon Next iOS Client 2.0.1

Features provided by the new Axxon Next iOS client include:

  • Connect to any camera or system server to view pre-recorded or live footage.
  • Rapidly navigate to the required recordings by moving to either the first frame of the next, or previous fragment of video or to the first or last frame of footage recorded.

Mobile Surveillance Management

For Intellect-based systems, the client offers all of the above, along with additional options for mobile surveillance management and monitoring:

  • Arm and disarm cameras
  • Tap to play footage from a camera
  • Manage alarms
  • Operate interactive maps with sensor and camera positions
  • Push notifications of alarms sent to iPad or iPhone by Apple Push Notification service even when the app is not running.

Both editions of the mobile client can be used with Axxon Next versions 3.1 or later. Intellect-based features will be available with the release of Intellect version 4.9.0.

The iOS client is compatible with the iPad (2nd generation onwards), iPod touch (3rd to 5th generation), iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone4. The app requires iOS 6 or later. The client app can be downloaded from the App Store.

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