Axxon Intellect Surveillance Protects E-Plus Offices


Axxon Intellect surveillance protects offices of German mobile giant E-Plus. Owned by Telefonica, E-Plus is a multinational telecom and one of the top three mobile operators in Germany. The company serves over 19 million subscribers. Over 4,700 specialists are employed by the company in Germany. 2012 revenues totaled EUR 3.4 billion.

Security and Video Surveillance

E-Plus was in a situation similar to that faced by many businesses: it needed to update the security and video surveillance systems at the company's data center. The facility was guarded by a patchwork of analog cameras that were located on different networks. E-Plus needed to transform a scattered arrangement of cameras into a modern, integrated system with support for future expansion, hardware additions, and new instruments and functions.

Security and Video Surveillance

Until recently, video at the site was provided by WINMag analog cameras produced by Honeywell. But new challenges required surveillance with higher resolution and greater support for integration, as a part of a flexible integrated security system with support for rapid, situation-dependent configuration changes. Ease of setup and use were driving factors as well.

The client's choice went to the Intellect Enterprise, developed by AxxonSoft. Axxon Intellect is video management software with a modular architecture, allowing creation of integrated security systems of any level of complexity.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise

A decisive advantage of Axxon Intellect Enterprise over competing products is its proven ability to adapt to the requirements of specific projects, no matter the system size or client industry. The modular architecture allows clients to select only the functions that they need in order to build an effective security system at a particular site. The client gets a system with a fine-tuned range of functions at minimal cost. By trimming unnecessary bells and whistles, the total cost of ownership decreases as well.

Thus the end client's decision was the result of deliberation and a great deal of research. Besides the obvious advantages, Intellect had several other factors in its favor: 1) flexible, attractive pricing; 2) a smart, highly professional presentation of the product given by AxxonSoft specialists; 3) phenomenal support for system expansion, modification, and modernization.

AxxonSoft and EFB-Elektronik, a trusted German partner of the company, worked closely with the end client to roll out the new system at the site. After the main works were already completed, more tools were added to the system for improved operation and management (among other things, configuration of monitor layouts was changed).

E-Plus Data Center

The E-Plus data center became home to a video surveillance system based on the Axxon Intellect PSIM platform and Brickcom HD cameras. The end client was delighted with the image quality provided by the cameras, as well as the flexible configuration of the cameras and their deep integration with Intellect, which made the hardware/software combination the near-perfect solution for the site.

The new security system successfully implemented at E-Plus offers 24-hour monitoring of the company's headquarters and of its data center in particular. Monitoring is performed with the help of 28 megapixel cameras, which send HD video streams to the situation center. The system contains one server and three remote clients, without requiring any additional computer platforms. Key advantages include:

  • higher-quality imagery, including of peripheral areas, which were previously hard to get in detail;
  • quicker reactions to alarms;
  • easy navigation and extremely fast searches of recorded video.

Current plans include system expansion via integration with access control and fire protection systems.

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