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AvTurf LLC is in the forefront of synthetic aviation turf technology delivering enhanced airport safety with solutions to many of the most common challenges facing airport operators. Our proof of performance at airports throughout the world has set the standard of increased safety through the installation of synthetic turf products. Pioneering research and development has continued to create a myriad of new applications and benefits.more

As the choice alternative for addressing hazards associated with natural airport groundcover, AvTurf offers singular advantages.

The application of AvTurf aviation turf stabilises runway and taxiway shoulders, thus preventing the erosion of natural ground cover and the effects of jet blast. In safety areas, AvTurf creates a smooth surface, free of ruts, humps, and irregularities that can damage vehicles and aircraft.

Airfield Safety

The use of AvTurf on the airfield minimizes the need for equipment and personnel to be in or around runway and taxiway airfield safety areas, increasing airfield safety. FAA Runway Safety Office recommendations and the regulatory requirements of 14 CFR Part 139 have highlighted the advantages of using synthetic airfield safety turf.

Reducing the need to enter into these areas with personnel and equipment significantly decreases the potential for an incursion. In addition, runway and taxiway closures for maintenance are eliminated, and airport capacity remains intact, with no need for scheduling this type of work.

Airport Wildlife Control

AvTurf also forms an airport wildlife control as it is not user-friendly for wildlife! It does not provide appropriate habitat, nor does it encourage foraging, loafing or browsing. The removal of food, water, and shelter discourages birds and animals from using it as it offers nothing to them. Burrowing species cannot penetrate the synthetic turf backing, and the synthetic surface, with silica sand infill and our patented growth inhibitor, offers only a sterile environment.

Runway Visibility Turf

Pavement delineation and runway visibility has become a critical runway safety factor. AvTurf runway visibility turf significantly enhances the visual cues of taxiway and runway pavement to pilots on approach to landing and also provides distinct visual delineation of taxiways during taxiing operations, especially during low visibility conditions and on complex routing surfaces. The costs, scheduling, and intensive labor aspects of routine maintenance associated with mowing and/or painting/marking of these areas are eliminated as well.

Aircraft Excursions / ARFF Response

Covering runway safety areas and infield islands with AvTurf creates a stable area for inadvertent entry by aircraft, minimizing the potential for damage to the aircraft undercarriage. It also allows airport operations vehicles and emergency response equipment to transit these areas more easily and efficiently during all types of weather. This can reduce ARFF response times to airport incidents, where time is the critical factor.

Foreign Object Debris Reducing the amount of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is critical to airfield operational safety, and the installation of AvTurf prevents the creation of FOD from jet blast. It also makes the collection of airport FOD easier, by providing a surface where it is easily identified and removed.

AvTurf Drainage

AvTurf consists of a permeable membrane that allows water to drain through natural percolation. The silica sand infill provides a natural filter that can drain up to 60 gallons of water per square foot per hour. AvTurf LLC has successfully tested installations specifically to substantiate this property. Historically, AvTurf has been at the cutting edge, completing the first installation of its kind at Chicago’s Midway Airport in December 2000.

AvTurf is a revolutionary product and is now installed at more than 10 airports worldwide. As the alternative of choice, it has set many of the industry standards by constructing and implementing rigorous testing procedures, and AvTurf’s acceptance by the FAA marked a milestone in product development and application. AvTurf is available both domestically and in the international marketplace. Worldwide, AvTurf has become the name in synthetic turf for aviation applications.less


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